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The Minotti Designers and Creative Teams

Minotti stays true to its vision of handcrafted Italian design furniture without compromise by some of the finest designers in the industry. Drawing ideas that relate directly to the Architects concepts and are capable of converging into the modernist as well as classic styles.

The first 70 years have enabled Minotti to engage at every level of a space, creating a different and deep understanding that only experience can develop.

All of the designers working in collaboration with Minotti have a broad experience not just in furniture but are enlightened in the art of form and function.


Rodolfo Dordoni

Designer and architect Rodolfo Dordoni was born in Milan, then graduating in Architecture in 1979 in Milan Italy. He was made responsible for all artistic direction at Artemide (glass collection), Cappellini (between 1979 to 1989), Fontana Arte (furniture collection), Foscarini, Minotti ( since 1998 to present day ) and Roda (since 2006 to present day)

Working on designs for products with various companies including: Artemide, Cassina, Dornbracht, Driade, Emu, Ernestomeda, Fiam Italia, Flos, Flou, Fontana Arte, Foscarini, Jab, MatteoGrassi, Minotti, Molteni , Moroso, Olivari, Pamar, Roda, RB Rossana, Sambonet, Serralunga, The Rug Company, Venini.

Working with Minotti since 1998 Rodolfo Dordoni became the Creative Director providing some of the most iconic and innovative designs engrained with the ethos of the company. He was influential in creating, together with the Minotti Family, the brands design DNA. His personal architectural studio ‘Dordoni Architetti’ he continues to develop a wide array of projects from homes and residential developments to large scale commercial projects, stand concepts and many more.

On the 20 year collaboration with Minotti Rodolfo Dordoni explained in an interview that is was when the met the Minotti Brothers Roberto and Renato Minotti it was a fantastic moment. At last business men, architects and manufacturers that shared his vision for detail ,for understanding how materials worked together. He saw in them equals on a journey and this started their successful and fruitful collaboration that continues to this day.

nendo design

Since 2002 with Oki Sato providing direction to Nendo studio, it represents a refreshing, refined and cultured alternative to over-celebrated design.

Meaning “clay” in Japanese the name Nendo implies the flexibility and malleability of that material their designs for the world of graphics, interior architecture and furniture.

In a short space of time Nendo has been awarded multiple international awards in the world of modern design due to their determination and easily identifiable personality, which is unmatched in the sector.


Tape Sofa, Tape Armchair, Tape Cord Outdoor Collection. Wedge Dining Table, Wedge coffee table, Easel Wooden Sideboard, Ring Coffee Table, Waves Coffee Table

Christophe Delacourt

Christophe Delcourt born in Paris in 1966, is a self-taught designer. He has been designing and creating various collections of lighting and furniture since 1993.

In addition to furniture design, Christophe is an interior architect including projects both in the public and private sectors. Christophe Delcourt demonstrates his products in a spacious showroom in central Paris. Other prestigious galleries also demonstrate his pieces including Ralph Pucci in the United States, and Canada, Le Cadre Gallery in Hong Kong, Ondene in Australia, and Andrea Murkudis in Germany. Christophe Delcourt has designed collections for : Roche Bobois, Ligne Roset, Tectona, Avenue Road, Van Rossum.

Christophe Delcourt, also lectures and teaches design in Paris, sustainability and longevity are key themes in his design. Outside of the creative field he is also a keen equestrian, leaving, much of his free time outside of central Paris he attributes as some of his most create when initial ideas arise before taking shape.

When Minotti first approached Christophe he said he was very flattered and happy to hear Minotti had been following his work for some time. One aspect he greatly enjoyed about working with Minotti to create new furniture designs was there true in house expertise with materials and manufacturing techniques. This allows a designer freedom to do things and incorporate details normally to complicated or costly for others to even dare to imagine.


Granville Sofa, Daniels SofaDan Dining Table, Amber Low table System,  Fil Noir, Lou Dining Table, Lou Coffee Table, Noor Coffee Table.

GamFratesi design

In 2006 the GamFratesi Studio was founded by the joint venture of Danish Architect Stine Gam and Italian architect Enrico Fratesi. This modern generation of furniture designers embraces a new interpretation of the integration of Danish and Italian design. The creative drive is a combined fusion of historic design and revision of the style to present a all new understated style experimenting with different materials and processes.

With the tradition of craft Danish furniture combined with the classic Italian conceptual approach their combined knowledge comes together to create new unique forms. It is this knowledge combination that creates this possibility of expanding ideas. From this cross-cultural partnership, they create furniture that respectfully reflect tradition while also featuring unique embedded histories, symbols and associations, often expressed in a minimalist concept or idea. “Our work is balancing between the traditional and surprising. Often it takes just a small detail to achieve or break an expression, and we are very curious about that. We work strictly with the Scandinavian approach to crafts, it is minimalistic fostering simplicity and functionalism, but there always happenss to be a strong emotion to concept and story behind each piece or creation.”


Angie Armchair, Angie Dining Chair, Shelley Armchair

Marcio Kogan / studio mk27 design

Architect Marcio Kogan founded Studio MK27 in São Paulo in the late 1970’s. Now the company includes some 30 architects and works with partnerships worldwide. All the architects in the team, inspired by the Brazilian Modernism movement, utilise this enlightenment, evolving it to create rethought designs of this architectural generation.

All projects of Studio MK27 place a high value on formal simplicity and are elaborated with extreme care and attention to the finer details. Marcio Kogan heads a skilled team of architects and most of these have worked with him for over 10 years. In 2001 Marcio Kogan created at the office with other members a co-operative work system, and since then they have won over 250 awards both nationally and internationally. He is also listed in Wallpaper* magazine as on of their 150 famous for 15 years in architecture. He has also featured on Dezeen digital magazines designer hot list for a number of years.


Quadrado Collection, Quadrado Sofa, Quadrado Daybed, Quadrado Armchair, Quadrado Table

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