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Minotti London offers a range of hand-crafted outdoor furniture and prides itself on using the highest quality materials to create unique pieces that add style and elegance to any outdoor area, such as gardens, terraces, balconies and courtyards.

The pieces featured in the Minotti London outdoor collection have been conceptualised by world-renowned designers, who have taken inspiration from nature. The concepts of their designs are timeless and elegant, with clean lines and minimalist aesthetics.

Minotti’s outdoor furniture is designed to resist the elements and last longer thanks to a careful selection of materials and detailed design, which maximises durability and longevity. 

All Minotti’s garden furniture is custom-made to order, allowing one to choose from a range of different materials, colours and finishes to suit the design and style of an outdoor space.

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Discover Minotti’s Outdoor Collection

Minotti’s exterior furniture collection offers a wide range of pieces, such as outdoor sofas, chairs and tables.

Patio Teak Seating System

Patio Teak is a seating system from the Minotti Outdoor Collection that combines the aesthetics of traditional teak with a modern design suitable for contemporary spaces.

The Minotti outdoor sofa from this collection features a solid platform which adds stability, allowing for a slender and elegant seat that also provides maximum comfort. The solid platform of the Patio Teak is made of dense hardwood that resists atmospheric agents and weathering, which ensures it won’t splinter or crack.

Belt Cord Outdoor Collection

The Belt Cord Outdoor family includes a range of seating furniture, including a two-seater sofa, bergère, armchair, ottoman, lounge and dining little armchairs. This beautiful exterior furniture collection is characterised by its neat design and earthy colours.

All pieces featured in the Belt Cord Outdoor collection have a corded contour in the colours of Sand and Dark Brown, which create a natural aesthetic. In addition, its cushions are generously padded for maximum comfort.

With a classic feel and warm ambience, the Belt Cord Outdoor family can work well when paired with other pieces featured in Minotti London’s outdoor collection.

Lido Cord Outdoor Collection

The Minotti Lido Cord Outdoor collection, designed by GamFratesi, provides a clear, contemporary design that can blend seamlessly with other furniture styles.

Each Lido Cord Outdoor piece, such as the Minotti outdoor armchair from this collection, features a modern design with a lightweight style and classic roots. Its design complements any outdoor space while discreetly capturing its mood and is capable of interpreting indoor and outdoor spaces with the same strong coherence. 

Yoko Cord Outdoor Chairs

The Yoko Cord Outdoor Chairs are a contemporary outdoor seating collection featuring elegantly designed cord armchairs. The pieces from this collection have been created by the Japanese-Scandinavian duo Inoda+Sveje.

This timeless collection combines traditional craftsmanship and materials with Scandinavian design to create unique furniture pieces. Drawing inspiration from the materials and craft traditions of Japan and Scandinavia, Yoko’s unique approach to seating invites us to sit back, relax and enjoy some time outdoors.

Bellagio Lounge Outdoor Tables

A contemporary collection with the finest Italian craftsmanship, the Bellagio Lounge Outdoor features Minotti outdoor dining table and lounge dining table options, all available with stone or wood tops.

A combination of rich colours, elegant design and high-quality materials make the tables from the Bellagio Lounge Outdoor collection unique pieces that are ideal for terraces. 

Minotti’s Exterior Furniture For A Variety of Spaces

Whether it’s a backyard, poolside or patio, outdoor spaces are meant to be enjoyed. A well-designed outdoor space can be as creative as one’s imagination and the décor options are endless. 

While one can select outdoor furniture that seamlessly matches the décor of the interior and creates a cohesive design across all areas, it is also possible to create a more eclectic style, where different pieces are chosen for each area to create a unique look.

That said, Minotti’s garden furniture can make any outdoor space more functional, unique and visually appealing. Pieces such as a Minotti outdoor sofa or a Minotti outdoor coffee table will add elegance and style to any exterior area. 

Request a Quote

As there is a wide range of fabrics and materials available for many of our products, all of Minotti’s furniture pieces are made to order. As such, a price list for Minotti garden furniture is not currently available. For a quote, please contact us.  

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