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Bespoke Tables Made in Italy


Minotti’s table designs have been conceived to complement the entire Minotti London Collection, both indoors and outdoors. 

A Minotti table is not merely an accessory but an iconic piece in its own right. Conceptualised by renowned designers and brought to life by Minotti’s inimitable craftsmanship, this collection of tables represents Minotti’s skill at pushing the boundaries of design and expanding creative horizons.

The sculptural tables draw inspiration from around the world, and each piece is made to order using refined cabinet-making techniques and advanced technologies in ergonomics and durable materials. 

Designed to complement the furniture pieces within its own family as well as the wider collection, Minotti tables are suited to both residential and hospitality settings, as well as outdoor spaces. 

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Discover Minotti’s Table Collection

The Minotti Table Collection includes a variety of styles suited to both indoor and outdoor spaces, each design showcasing Minotti’s dedication to craftsmanship and attention to detail. 

Below we will look further at some of the key protagonists of the Minotti Table Collection:

Linha Fina

Lightness and sophistication characterise Linha Finha. Designed by Marcio Kogan / studio mk27, Linha Fina arose from the evolution of the original Linha table. 

The slender top, just 16mm thick, becomes volume and characterises this light yet sculptural object. Generous dimensions, available in four different lengths and three diameters, create a spatial configuration that lends itself to dining areas. 

Oliver Lounge & Dining 

Oliver comes with the fascinating visual effect of a metal stem that melts into a diffused flow. In a gesture synonymous with the Modern Movement, the base evolves seamlessly from a thin tube into a circular base, offering a continuous glossy surface. 

Conceived in both Lounge and Dining table versions, the Minotti Oliver table features a precious top in Calacatta, Stone Grey marble or Frassino Ash. This Minotti marble table fully interprets the essence of classic contemporaneity. 

Bellagio Lounge Outdoor

The family of Bellagio Outdoor tables has expanded with the addition of new dimensions in the dining and lounge dining versions, all available with stone or wood tops. 

One may choose from the contoured, fine-grain polished Basaltine version or a natural finish teak top with a structural stainless steel frame, both supported by a stainless steel base.


Designed for outdoor living spaces, Terrace has a strong contemporary aesthetic and is of exceptional architectural appeal. The frame has a slightly retro feel, associating shapes from the past in the design of the legs. 

Terrace is available in four sizes, three rectangular and one round, making it suitable for use in a variety of settings and functionalities, from city verandas to larger garden settings. 


Taking inspiration from the minimalist movement, Dan combines Minotti’s savoir-faire with designer Christophe Delcourt’s attention to detail. 

The starting point for this Minotti dining table is the circle, which Delcourt breaks down in the manner of a figurative artist. The rounded and concave legs and the crosspiece that connects them define the base, enriching the overall design. 


Tables For Every Setting 

Minotti London offers a diverse range of tables that offer the utmost style and versatility. Suited for both indoor and outdoor use across residential, corporate and hospitality settings, Minotti’s range of tables come in all shapes and sizes, from large dining tables to sleek writing desks. 

While there’s no single approach to styling a table, as the setting and desired aesthetic play key roles in dressing a piece of furniture, here are some ideas that one may take into consideration:

Contrast and Symmetry

The curves of a sleek chair, perhaps upholstered in soft fabric, will contrast with the strong lines and edges of a square or rectangle table. Conversely, a round dining table surrounded by chairs will produce a pleasingly symmetrical circular pattern.

Mix Styles

Minotti’s tables are designed to complement their own family of furniture, as well as mix with other designs to create a unique combination of elements and styles. For example, one could mix styles by taking a retro wooden table and placing sleek steel chairs around it. 

Consider the Shape

Square tables look best when decorated with symmetrical arrangements, whilst a rectangular table is more versatile and can handle different compositions. Try ornaments displayed in the middle or either end of the table, or perhaps a central vase of flowers with candles at each end. 

Round and oval-shaped tables offer great versatility as the shape lends itself to multiple configurations. Since they don’t have corners, a round or oval table provides the perfect setting for centrepieces, such as floral arrangements or candelabras.

Request a Quote

As there is a wide range of materials available for many of our products, all of Minotti London’s tables are custom-made. For a quote, please contact us.  

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