Minotti Chaise Longue

Unique Designs Made in Italy


Minotti’s chaise longue designs have been created to complement the entire Minotti London Collection. Brought to life by Minotti’s craftsmanship and a blend of advanced technologies in comfort, ergonomics and durable materials, these iconic pieces represent Minotti’s ability to push design boundaries and explore creative horizons. 

In collaboration with world-renowned designers, the sculptural chaise longues draw inspiration from shapes, images and cultural references from around the world. Minotti’s expertise in manufacturing is apparent in the refined cabinet-making, extraordinary upholstery and exquisite tailoring. 

Each Minotti chaise longue is made to order and is designed to complement the pieces both within its own family and the wider Minotti Collection, across both residential and hospitality settings.

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Discover Minotti’s Chaise Longue Collection

Minotti’s dedication to craftsmanship and attention to detail is demonstrated in the unique designs within the chaise longue collection. A variety of styles, suited to both interior and exterior spaces, are available in an extensive range of fabrics, leathers and materials for both the upholstery and bases of the chaise longues. 

Below we will look in further detail at some of the protagonists of Minotti’s Chaise Longue Collection:


Designed by Italian-Danish duo GamFratesi, the outdoor Patio chaise longue is highly versatile in its modularity, composed of tesserae in simple geometric shapes which can be configured to suit the space. 

An unexpected mix of aluminium, wood, stone and cord, the Patio chaise longue is designed to allow the back elements to be arranged in various set positions, to encourage conversation, relaxation and vis-à-vis areas. 


Minotti’s Aston chaise longue is custom-designed to furnish homes and hospitality spaces with style and grace. The inspiration is unabashedly retro; eloquent lines, a more conservative scale and the kind of painstaking construction that expresses time-tested artisan craftsmanship. 

An enveloping back is echoed in the lines of the armrest and the body is raised off the floor on Pewter colour cast aluminium feet that underscore Aston’s fine design qualities. 


The Minotti Andersen Paolina chaise comes with an armrest, while the Anderson Daybed chaise longue comes without one. Both variations feature a raised frame with the typical pressure-cast aluminium feet in a Pewter-coloured finish and a single seat cushion with a lightly quilted motif. 

Available in both 142cm and 170cm lengths, Andersen Paolina’s clean lines lend sophisticated styling to both living and sleeping spaces. 


Light lines and sophisticated technology interplay in the Minotti Luggage chaise longue. The design is enhanced by the use of a timeless, appealing material much like saddle-hide that stretches beyond time and fashion.

Luggage is an impeccable marriage of comfort and elegance, a product of nature, skillfully shaped by human knowledge into soft shapes. 


Minotti’s Indiana Outdoor chaise longue is part of an outdoor collection crafted to emphasise the quality of the solid iroko. This warm and versatile wood is well suited to be turned and sculpted. 

The iroko base, with intricate hand-crafted dovetailing and finishing details, is available in both natural and “Dark Brown” stained finish. The elements are raised from the floor on Pewter colour painted aluminium caps inserted into the wooden base. 

Chaise Longues to Suit Every Space

Minotti’s Chaise Longue Collection features a versatile selection of designs for both indoor and outdoor settings. Suited to both residential and hospitality use, Minotti’s chaise longues allow the creation of unique seating areas in a wide range of spaces. 

Whether it be for a bedroom or office, a Minotti chaise longue will deliver comfort and opulence in a graceful and modern style. From providing comfortable seating in a living room, to serving as a place of solace where one can quietly read a book, a chaise longue can be both a functional and elegant addition to the design of a space. 

Minotti’s outdoor collection of chaise longues are capable of interpreting both indoor and outdoor spaces with the same strong coherence, but the technology and materials are conceived specifically to withstand open-air environments. 

Imbuing a Sense of Sophisticated Elegance

As a chaise longue is designed to seat one individual and shouldn’t take the place of a sofa or multiple chairs. If the chaise longue is to be the focal point, try arranging it alongside a sofa and armchairs to create a conversational area.

A chaise longue can make an impactful accent piece in a large room. In an empty corner, create a vignette around it with a side table, books, a floor lamp or a decorative rug. Alternatively, place a chaise longue by a large window for the perfect place to relax and admire the view. 

While a chaise longue is a statement piece in its own right, well-placed accessories such as cushions and throws can work to carry a colour scheme as well as add comfort. One may consider creating a customised arrangement in conjunction with modular sofas, coffee tables and ottomans from across Minotti’s collection. 

Request a Quote

As there is a wide range of fabrics and materials available for many of our products, all of Minotti London’s chaise longues are custom-made. For a quote, please contact us.  

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