Designed by Christophe Delcourt

The Minotti Daniels sofa is a seating system designed by Christophe Delcourt that brings elegance and sophistication to residential, hospitality and corporate spaces with its elegant curves, ellipses and linearity. The Daniels seating system redesigns the living areas with brand new compositions, in which regular curves and ellipses interrupt the linearity of the layouts.

Designed with a refined and flexible aesthetic, the Minotti Daniels sofa combines comfort and versatility with modern styling. In an attempt to break the linearity of its layout, the Daniels sofa features elegant curves and ellipses that add dynamism to its frame.

This innovative take on traditional sofa design expresses sophistication through its subtle curves and delicate colours. That and its delivery of optimum comfort are the primary characteristics of the Daniels sofa.

A Blend of Innovation, Modularity and Sophistication

The Minotti Daniels sofa is a highly versatile sofa system created as a fully customisable solution, complete with a wide range of sizes and arrangements. Thanks to its modularity, the Daniels sofa allows for the creation of unlimited sofa arrangements, making it an ideal piece of furniture to fit spaces of any shape or size.

FAQ About the
What versions does the Minotti Daniels sofa come in?-

The Daniels sofa is available in three versions: all-fabric, all-leather and a combined option with base and armrest in leather and cushioning in fabric. All leathers and fabrics are from the exclusive Minotti Textile Collection.

Where can I buy the Minotti Daniels sofa?-

The Minotti Daniels sofa is only available through official Minotti retailers, such as Minotti London. You can buy your chosen version of the Minotti Daniels sofa directly from us.

How much does the Minotti Daniels sofa cost?-

The Minotti Daniels sofa price is not publicly available, as it depends on many factors. Contact us today to get a detailed price breakdown.


The plywood seat structure is coated in high resilience, variable density polyurethane foam with a concave contour to accommodate the cushion, maximising durability via reversibility. Backrests and armrests in plywood are of various thicknesses, coated in high resilience variable-density polyurethane foam.

To facilitate transport and removal of covers, the armrests and backrests can be removed from the base through a system of quick set and release closures.

The backrest and seat cushions are completely reversible, with channelled goose down padding (Assopiuma certified, Gold Label) and high resilience, variable-density polyurethane foam core insert.

Cast aluminium, varnished polished Pewter colour with anti-fingerprint finish. The armrests have a metal perimeter base, varnished polished Pewter colour with anti-fingerprint finish. Nylon slides.

Fabric seat cushions, backrest cushions and structure are completely removable. Leather seat and backrest cushions are removable.

A) all-fabric or all-leather upholstery; B) upholstery of backrest structure and base in Cat. Extra leather; armrests, backrest cushions and seat in fabric; C) upholstery of backrest structure and base in Cat. Natural leather; armrests, backrest cushions and seat in fabric.

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