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Unique Designs Made in Italy


Minotti chairs and stools are created to complement the Minotti Collection across both residential and hospitality settings. In collaboration with world-renowned designers, these iconic pieces exemplify Minotti’s ability to push itself and explore creative horizons. 

Drawing inspiration from shapes, images and cultural references from around the world, Minotti’s chairs and stools showcase the most refined cabinet-making craftsmanship and extraordinary expertise in upholstery and exquisite tailoring. 

Each item is custom-made to order and has been designed to complement the pieces within both its own family and the wider Minotti London Collection. Minotti’s expertise in manufacturing and the most advanced technologies in terms of comfort, ergonomics and durable materials is apparent throughout the Minotti chair and stool range. 

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Discover Minotti London’s Collection

Below we will look in further detail at some of the protagonists of Minotti London’s Chair and Stool Collection:

Yoko Armchair

The harmonious union of technology, elegance and comfort, Yoko is a light and elegant seating design produced in collaboration with the Japanese/Danish duo Inoda+Sveje. 

Delicate and sinuous lines created with intricate interlocking cabinet-making techniques enrich the structure of the legs and armrests of this Minotti lounge chair. Nordic and Japanese craftsmanship is apparent in the skilful woodworking, combined with the know-how of a Made in Italy company renowned for their upholstering mastery. 

Daiki Armchair

Designed by Brazilian architect Marcio Kogan of studio mk27, the Daiki seats are born out of his deep passion for Japanese culture and represent a tribute to Japanese design. The Daiki armchairs have deep seats and are available both with and without armrests and footstools. 

The design of Daiki also explores and reinterprets the American Mid-Century atmospheres in its bold, clean lines, precious materials and balanced proportions. 

Sendai Chairs 

The elegant, polished legs of the Sendai chairs are indicative of the slender trunks of their namesake, the Japanese ‘City of Trees’, lifting the upholstered body and creating a soft rhythm of vertical lines. 

The compact, well-proportioned silhouette sits comfortably in living, dining and hybrid spaces, opening up new visual and proportional horizons. 

The Sendai chairs are also available in the 360° swivel version with return, making them particularly comfortable in both residential and hospitality environments. 

Tape Armchair

Minotti’s Tape chair is designed by eclectic Japanese studio Nendo. A strong personality and firm formal identity is characterised by the light silhouette and impeccable proportions. 

The traditional idea of support feet coming from the body of the seat is overturned in a delightfully ironic twist, with the feet placed externally to the structure. Tape owes its name to the couture detail, conceived as a piece of ribbon holding the Bronze-coloured metal feet, a tribute by Nendo to the sartorial experience of Minotti. 

Aston Stool

This Minotti bar stool designed by Rodolfo Dordoni has a soft, inviting cushioned seat and is available in two sizes to suit both counter and bar heights. The tapered wooden legs are made of solid ash and finished in open pore Tobacco stain or open pore Moka lacquer with footrests in Pewter-coloured steel. 

This Minotti stool was created and designed to complement the Minotti Collections in both hospitality and residential settings. 

Chairs and Stools to Suit Any Space

From elegant dining chairs to welcoming lounge chairs, architectural bar stools and robust outdoor chairs, the Minotti chairs and stools collection has a range of designs that will suit any space. 

Minotti Stools

Varied heights will suit different settings, whether bar or countertop. The more sleek, compact models such as Klasen particularly suit hospitality settings such as a restaurant or hotel bar. The soft, inviting cushioned seats of models like Aston will be at home at the breakfast counter in a residence. 

Minotti Lounge Chairs

Sophisticated silhouettes and vintage lines modernised: Minotti’s lounge chairs bring a perfect blend of elegant proportions and ergonomic comfort. Low seat heights foster a more intimate synergy and the enveloping lines and welcoming shapes create comfortable sophisticated armchairs. 

Minotti Dining Chairs

Different styles offer innovative solutions that push traditional boundaries. A myriad of layout possibilities and a range of alternating depths means that Minotti’s dining chairs can be employed in creating small, intimate spaces or arrangements of multiple elements to occupy larger spaces. 

The natural elegance and eye-catching design of Minotti’s dining chairs place them well in residential interiors, but the versatile modularity of many of the designs reveals a strong vocation for the hospitality sector. 

Minotti Outdoor Chairs

Minotti London’s Collection of outdoor chairs are capable of interpreting both indoor and outdoor spaces with the same strong coherence. Advanced technology and materials have been conceived specifically for open-air environments. 

Adaptable layouts and varied sizes will find a solution capable of meeting the requirements of both small metropolitan terraces and extensive outdoor spaces. 

Request a Quote

As there is a wide range of fabrics and materials available for many of our products, all of Minotti London’s chairs and stools are custom-made. For a quote, please contact us.  

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