Wedge Coffee Table

Wedge Coffee Table

Wedge Coffee Table

nendo design

The Minotti Wedge Coffee table explores the concept of a table with a strong graphic expressive style, offering both a dining room and coffee table version. The oblique chisel tip shape sported by the bulky volume of its semi-circular legs significantly lightens the impression of the coffee table, creating the idea of a support on tiptoe. An unexpected visual effect that reveals the stylistic tone of the designer, a design concept bent on the desire to innovate and amaze.

The same style can be found in the design of the top, available in both glass and wood, through the surface of which the semi-circles of the three supports are visible. Wedge features a large top – in round, square and rectangular versions – in bronzed glass or Moka-coloured Louro Faia wood, with a unique hammered effect texture.

The Minotti Wedge Coffee table is supported by legs with a polished steel or satin metal finish in Malt colour, appearing to perforate the surface while remaining level to it.

Perfect with select Minotti sofas from the collection including the Andersen collection

Technical Details

Top finishes

– laminated, tempered, beveled glass, 12+8 mm thick, composed of a bronzed glass sheet laminated to a top sheet of extra-clear glass; – MDF, 25 mm thick, with brushed Louro Faia veneer, open pore Moka colour lacquer finish, and lower surface with Moka colour glossy lacquer finish. In the glass top version, the respective glass sheets are drilled to allow attachment of the upper mounting plates to the legs.

Legs finishes

– satin finish metal, varnished Malt colour; – polished steel. Protective ABS glides.

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