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Minotti London is known for creating simple yet striking designs. Minotti’s furniture pieces combine natural materials and exquisite craftsmanship for a modern yet sophisticated look. The brand’s vision goes beyond just furniture. It embodies a philosophy that combines functionality with style.

Minotti London’s collection of coffee tables features a range of stunning pieces inspired by natural elements such as earthy colours and nature-like patterns. The result is a contemporary design with an elegant look that makes a statement in any space.

Conceptualised by world-renowned designers, Minotti coffee tables are available in a wide range of materials and are custom-made to each order.

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Discover Minotti Coffee Table Collection 

As well as having been created by the world’s most esteemed designers, Minotti’s coffee tables are built by a unique combination of masterful artisans and cutting-edge technology. In doing so, we ensure that the utmost care and attention to detail go into turning fine materials into distinctive and iconic pieces of furniture. 

H3 Doyle 

Minotti’s Doyle coffee table features a uniquely chic design. Doyle is a stunning coffee table with a cylindrical base covered in varnished polished Bronze metal, inspired by mid-century lounge atmospheres. 

This elegant yet modern piece of furniture is available with a circular top in Calacatta marble or Belvedere granite. Doyle can transform any living, dining or entertainment space into a sophisticated setting. 

H3 Gladstone 

The Gladstone coffee table is a refined piece that embodies the entire 2022 Collection. Its clean-lined design combines a Scandinavian soul with Japanese aesthetics.

This coffee table features four solid cylindrical legs that support an oval marble tabletop with flared details that make it look thin and light despite its size. Created by the renowned furniture designer Rodolfo Dordoni, the Gladstone coffee table is a modern piece that will become the centrepiece of any space. 

H3 Lelong 

Designed by Rodolfo Dordoni, the Minotti Lelong coffee table is a contemporary piece of furniture with a distinct Scandinavian influence. Its simple lines reflect timelessness, while its tubular legs in Black Coffee finish with polished Pewter tips deliver slender proportions and elegant detailing.

Featuring a tabletop available in a variety of materials and finishes, Lelong can be combined with a variety of pieces from the Minotti 2022 Collection, creating a balance of shapes and proportions that make a living space dynamic and elegant.

H3 Louver 

Inspired by the 1970s, the Minotti Louver coffee table makes a grand statement in any space. Available in four sizes and three finishes, this coffee table stands out with its masterful use of lacquer. 

Louver features legs in solid Liquorice-coloured ash and a tray-like tabletop lacquered in Cappuccino, Chestnut, Malachite, Moka and Army Green, creating a surface effect with depth and texture.

H3 Solid Steel 

The Solid Steel coffee table exemplifies Minotti’s precise yet functional design: straight lines, strong shapes and clean finishes. With its stunning mirror steel frame and eye-catching, geometric design inspired by the 1970s, the Minotti Solid Steel coffee table will make a statement in a contemporary space.

The Solid Steel coffee tables are parallelepipeds with one or two staggered levels. The glossy lacquered finishes of the higher top are contrasted by the mirror steel frame with a mirrored top on the lower volume, creating an illusion of depth and emphasising the sleek lines of this quintessential piece.

Coffee Tables With Style and Elegance

A coffee table is integral to any room. It’s not only a functional piece that serves as storage for drinks, snacks, magazines and books but also a decorative centrepiece that brings style and personality to a living space. A coffee table also provides space to display decorative items and set the ambience of the room. 

The size and style of the coffee table should complement the overall design of the room. A contemporary living room may need a sleek, modern coffee table, while an antique-style living room may call for one with elegant lines and intricate details.

Minotti’s coffee table collection takes a sophisticated approach to the classic coffee table with refined materials and exceptional design.

Minotti Coffee Table Price

The price of a Minotti coffee table may vary depending on several factors, such as the dimensions and materials of each piece. For a quote, please contact us.

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