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Following twenty years of successful collaboration between the Summerhill and Minotti families in London, the Minotti London showroom opened in February 2009 in the culturally rich West End of London. Recently extended in 2016 to include a second floor, the elegantly designed Margaret Street space showcases Minotti’s most recent collections, alongside pivotal pieces from two decades of collections coordinated by Rodolfo Dordoni.

Minotti offer the same high level of service to all clients, whether purchasing a single piece or fitting out an entire property, private or commercial. Our aim is to form long lasting relationships that ensure we understand your requirements to the smallest detail. Minotti offer a complete bespoke service, our team are all fully trained interior designers and understand the needs of private clients and architects alike.

Minotti has formed the outstanding creative team, Minotti Studio, who rely on highly diversified professional skills: product engineering, selection of new fabrics, photographic set, graphic design, communications, decoration of display spaces. A creative department where ideas are conceived, developed and shaped to make projects catering to a lifestyle philosophy synonymous with luxury become reality. Each interior design project, residential project, hospitality project and commercial furniture project is unique. Minotti London has specially trained teams to understand the clients needs paying attention to detail and their completion deadlines.

Read about Rudolfo Dordoni, the designers & design houses Minotti work with to create the expansive collections.

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To find out about the Minotti collections, Minotti prices, creating bespoke interiors and furniture for your home or for a copy of the Minotti Catalogue please contact the team. All Minotti sofa prices will depend on final specifications selected. For a digital copy of the Minotti Catalogue please go to:


All prices quoted include local taxes, delivery, complete assembly and installation. Due to the complex assembly process of some Minotti products we are unable to assist with purchases made from unofficial overseas dealers.

We provide a complete guarantee on all products and assembly provided by Minotti London.


In accordance UK laws on fire regulations, the furniture provided by Minotti London will be properly marked as approved to meet the 1988 Regulations. Furniture provided by other suppliers may be manufactured and marked for other countries outside the UK and as such may not meet the regulations or be marked as such and therefore not legal for hotels or public spaces.

The Minotti factory only supply UK standard foam and liners to Minotti London, and are the only exclusive suppliers of Minotti products compliant with UK fire regulations

Minotti London are the only UK official authorised dealer and guarantee the authenticity of the furniture. Do not purchase from unauthorised dealers as the furniture may not be UK specification or possibly a replica. By purchasing from Minotti London dealership you are guaranteed 100% Minotti manufactured product.

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