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How To Professionally Install a Contemporary Corner Sofa

A corner sofa can bring style and functionality to any room. However, choosing the right corner sofa can be a challenge. As well as finding the right sofa design to blend with that of the room in question, making sure it fits gracefully in the room is equally important. 

For any sofa to reach its full potential, it is essential to determine where to place it and measure it accurately. Then, the focus can be put on finding creative ways to install and accessorise the sofa to curate a seating area that is functional and visually stunning. 

In this guide, we discuss six essential steps that should be taken when looking to install a corner sofa. 

Step 1: Decide Where to Place the Corner Sofa

Although the name would suggest a corner sofa should be positioned in the corner of the room, they can also be put in the middle or across a room for reasons that are both pleasing and practical. 

For example, placing a corner sofa in the middle of the room is a great way to create divided areas, particularly within a spacious room. The straight and smooth angles of a corner sofa can help create pathways through the room that encourage people to navigate it in a certain way.

To ensure the appropriate placement of a corner sofa, the first thing to consider is whether the corner itself should be on the left or a right side of the sofa. This will depend a lot on either the corner of the room in which the sofa will reside or the ways in which the room is to be divided. 

In addition, it’s worth considering the room’s windows, doors and entry ways, as well as their size and the direction they open in. When such elements are taken into account, decisions in regards to the sofa’s curation become easier.

Such considerations will ensure that people and light can easily pass through the room. Furthermore, this can help orientate the sofa in a way that ensures the best view of the interior design or outside vista, whether that be a sunrise, sunset or breathtaking view.

how to install a corner sofaIn this room a corner sofa has been placed to face the view, allowing light to flood the open area directly in front of the sofa. 

Step 2: Determine the Layout of Other Furniture

Once the best place for the corner sofa has been decided, visualise the layout of any other furniture in the room, such as the TV, bookcases, coffee tables, lamps and armchairs. By considering how the sofa will likely be used, it becomes easier to think about how each piece will interact. 

For example, if the sofa is to be a place of social gatherings then a large open space with plenty of light is going to be the ideal place. With this in mind, one may decide to tactfully position small lamps on surfaces near the sofa and larger lamps adjacent to the sofa’s edge in order to adjust lighting to suit the mood or occasion.corner sofa, how to install itHere a high arching lamp has been placed behind the Alexander Sofa, providing a reading light and taller freestanding lamps have been placed next to the sofa to set an ambience. This design has transformed made space perfect for entertaining or quietly reading.

Step 3: Understand the Space Available for the Corner Sofa

As well as understanding the placement of a sofa, it’s also important to understand how much space it will take up and how this will affect the rest of the room. 

To envision how a sofa may look in a certain space, many of Minotti London’s corner sofas, including the Hamilton Sofa, can be viewed in a digital rendering on a desktop. In fact, the Hamilton can even be virtually installed with augmented reality (AR) by using the camera on a smartphone. 

Once the placing of the sofa has been decided, the next step is to understand the room and its dimensions.

At Minotti London, we go to great lengths to ensure that each corner sofa will fit in the space it’s intended for before having anything made. We do this by closely working with interior designers and architects to develop an intricate knowledge and understanding of the space and its requirements. 

Step 4: Viewing Corner Sofas in Person

Before investing in a new corner sofa, it’s always worth paying a visit to our showroom to gain a deeper perspective as to how a sofa will fit in a particular room. While doing so, our colleagues can advise on the style of each of our sofas and discuss how they might fit in a certain space. 

For example, it’s important never to force a corner sofa into a tightly measured space. While this will make the installation process simpler, it will also allow for side tables, lamps and other accessories to be added at a later stage if one so wishes. 

To arrange an appointment, or to have a plan layout of the room drawn up by one of our consultants, contact our colleagues.

Step 5: Measure for Installation

Perhaps the most important factor to consider when choosing a new corner sofa is whether or not its components will fit through the doors and hallways leading to the designated room. 

Once again our colleagues can assist in noting and taking care of such spatial requirements. They can also suggest alternative corner sofas should there be any doubt as to whether or not a sofa will fit.

Step 6: Installing & Accessorising Corner Sofas

Once a corner sofa has been found to fit the room and the requirements, the next step is having it installed. It’s worth remembering that all sofas comprise of three basic elements: 

  1. The frame and foundation
  2. Large components such as armrests, back, and ottoman
  3. Smaller elements including fittings and cushions 

While our installation team can put the sofa together and get it into position, every sofa should feature a variety of accessories, not only to help it complement the surroundings of its new home but to make each design unique.

This can be achieved with cushions, sofa throws, lamps, coffee tables, rugs and even artworks & sculptures. 

corner sofa installation guideWhile not strictly a corner sofa, this Roger Seating System has been curated to look like one and has been accessorised with various throw cushions, coffees tables, side tables, poufs and footstalls.  

Conclusion: How To Effectively Install a Corner Sofa

Ensuring one understands and appreciates the dimensions of a room and the corner sofa they wish to acquire is the first step in transforming a space. 

To do this, we suggest following the steps below:

  • Step 1: Decide where to place the sofa. 
  • Step 2: Determine the layout of other furniture. 
  • Step 3: Understand the space available for the corner sofa. 
  • Step 4: View all corner sofas in person. 
  • Step 5: Measure for installation.
  • Step 6: Install and accessorise. 

Corner sofas can be fantastic choices for a whole range of different environments, whether it be a home, an office or an area of hospitality. While corner sofas lend a certain aesthetic to a space, they also provide an ultimate level of versatility, functionality and comfort that is seldom found in other pieces of furniture.

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