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How to Dress a Sofa With A Throw for a Sophisticated Look

Although sofa throws are often thought of as “finishing touches”, when given a little special attention, a throw becomes a plush accent piece that brings texture, style and charm to a space. 

As well as their practical attributes that provide an extra layer of comfort to a seating area, sofa throws serve two stylistic purposes, including: 

  1. Providing a welcoming sense of warmth to a room
  2. Decorating the sofa with an elevated degree of elegance

As all interior designers know, sofa throws play a key role in reinforcing the overall theme and tone of a room. In this guide, we discuss the key points for how to dress a sofa with a throw. 

dress a sofa with a throwA sofa throw can bring depth, texture and an air of chic to any room, as well as the practical use of making a space warmer and more comfortable on colder nights. 

What is a Sofa Throw? — A Look at Different Types

A sofa throw is a form of a blanket that is usually found on a sofa. It’s used to add a touch of class and personality to a room and helps to make a space feel warmer and more welcoming. 

Throws can be made from a range of materials such as sheepskin, silk, cotton or cashmere, all of which are incredibly versatile fabrics that can be styled in a number of ways.  

With so many options, all of them elegant, it can be difficult to decide which sofa throw will best complement the sofa in question. With this guide, we discuss the distinguishing factors between materials and some of the best ways to dress a sofa with a throw. 

Cotton Sofa Throws

Cotton sofa throws are known for their soft and durable qualities. They tend to be neutral in design and are particularly favoured in Nordic countries. 

The versatility, breathability and lightweight feel of cotton make it a fine material for sofa throws and are a perfect companion to soft, plush pillows. Layering a cotton sofa throw with similarly designed pillows is a great combination that will help to establish unity among the accent colours and textures in the room. 

Wool Sofa Throws

Sofa throws knitted or woven with wool, often lambswool or merino, are light, warm and make for a robust accessory to add to a living space. 

Woollen materials are usually quite thick and well-suited to the cooler months. Beyond its ability to refine the interior design of a room, wool throws are good insulators and can add a great deal of comfort when used as a blanket on cold evenings. 

Cashmere Sofa Throws

Sofa throws made with cashmere blends are known for their exceptionally sumptuous and soft qualities. While cashmere isn’t only more insulative than wool, it’s noticeably softer to the touch.

Dressing a sofa with a cashmere throw can be used to draw warmth into a room. When paired with other materials, such as leather upholstery, cashmere can also contrast the sleekness of leather and bring a softer, more homely feel to the sofa for additional comfort.

Whether using classic blanket styles and materials or modern man-made alternatives, all throws can be rearranged to suit the season.

How To Use a Throw on a Sofa

Depending on how a throw is placed, it can bring a look of comfort and style to a space. Multiple throws can be folded and stacked or rolled and stood up tall to add a structured look to a sofa. 

Throws can even be arranged in an eyecatching knot formation, which looks particularly striking when placed on the upper corners of a sofa. 

It is crucial that a blanket is chosen based on its proportions when compared to the size of the sofa. A substantially large blanket will suit a sofa that is comprised of several elements, such as the Roger Seating System, whereas a smaller blanket is best placed on an armchair, ottoman or tuffet

which throw for a sofaHere a sofa throw sits casually away from the sofa on a large tuffet, subtly adding an additional texture to the space and, by extension, an air of sophistication. 

If a room’s furniture abides by a neutral colour scheme, a colourful throw can bring a welcome and vibrant contrast to the room. To really showcase the blend of colours, textures or patterns of a sofa throw, consider spreading the throw gracefully, unfolded and undisturbed.

Alternatively, one may embrace more playfulness with their design by introducing brightly coloured throws and textured pillows to the sofa or simply folding a throw over the sofa to create unique designs patterns.

Three Techniques for Using a Sofa Throw Effectively

Using a sofa throw effectively introduces shape, line and form in a living room. This helps create a space that is as chic as it is inviting. 

When placing a throw on a sofa, consider that lightweight blankets do well when folded, but thicker materials are better suited to being draped loosely over furniture. Such an approach to the design and decor of a living space will ensure that the beauty of the sofa isn’t lost or hidden beneath the throw.

These top three techniques showcase the potential and how to best dress a sofa with a throw with a unique sense of style and luxury.

Folding a Sofa Throw For a Polished Look

Folding a sofa throw into thirds and placing it on the centre of a sofa can add a tidy and tailored look to the room. This is often referred to as the waterfall technique, as the throw flows organically over the back and front of the sofa. 

One may wish to keep this neat with clean-cut edges or to loosen it slightly for a natural and rippled effect. 

Draping a Sofa Throw On a Chaise Longue

While a sofa throw is, by definition, intended to be displayed on a sofa, it can be styled just as well on a daybed, bench or chaise longue. The throw can be folded lengthwise into quarters and draped diagonally over the corner of the furniture. This is a straightforward option that requires minimal effort to create an inviting atmosphere. 

When using multiple throws simultaneously, they can be effortlessly styled together when layered charmingly on a chaise longue.

throw on a sofaThis sofa throw sits folded on a chaise extension of the Powell Sofa. Notice how its primary colour and accents match that of the sofa and its other accessories. 

Creating a Relaxed Look With a Sofa Throw  

For a more laid-back layout, a throw can be casually placed over the arm of the sofa. One may even choose to artfully cascade the throw for an even more relaxed look. Another option, which helps to add depth and symmetry to a seating area, is to place a throw over both sofa arms.

For throws with textures, tassels or fringing, these can also add charm when raining down from the sofa itself. Perching pillows on throws can also add a cosier or more elaborate element to the room. 


There are many different types of sofa throws to choose from including cotton, wool, and cashmere. Once the perfect fabric has been found to suit the distinct aesthetic of the sofa and the wider space, then it’s time to dress the sofa.

Three simple yet effective ways to dress a sofa with a throw include:

  • Folding the sofa throw to add precise lines and distinct shapes 
  • Draping the throw loosely on a sofa or a chaise to create an inviting atmosphere within the room
  • Placing one or more sofa throws over the arms of the sofa to create a sense of relaxation 

The sofa throw can truly bring any design concept together, refining and enriching the desired tone of the room. What’s more is the three approaches discussed in this guide can be easily incorporated into any room to bring additional style, texture, patterns and colour.

You can also find our expert advice on contemporary furniture and design or to professionally install a corner sofa.

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