Endless Moments of Pleasure – Episode 4

Endless Moments of Pleasure – Episode 4

Endless moments of pleasure – Episode 4

The fourth episode features Freeman, an ideal nest of comfort for a moment of serene conviviality among friends, where conversations alternate with more intimate moments of pure relaxation. Designed by Rodolfo Dordoni, the distinguishing features of Freeman are its dynamism and vitality, revealing its dual identity: a soft, welcoming soul inviting us to let ourselves go coexists with a more formal, sociable personality.

Tales of everyday life that focus on the real protagonist of the home, the sofa. Four living rooms with a contemporary feel, brought to life by the West, Daniels, Lawrence and Freeman seating systems, reveal moments of intimacy and good times savoured with friends and family. Four stories in which people, gestures and emotions offer a stimulating take on a glimpse of daily life that considers the sofa as the heart of the home.




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