Side Coffee Table

Side Coffee Table

Side Coffee Table

Rodolfo Dordoni design

Minotti Side Coffee Table. With a strong textural impression created by the unconventional combination of materials such as marble and saddle hide, Side is composed of four panels that embrace the top, covered in saddle hide and distinguished by a light profile – with visible stitching that mark its perimeter.

The top is available in Black-coloured back-painted glass, Zebrino or Stone Grey marble, and is set into the frame. It can be square or rectangular and comes in different sizes, making it an ideal stand-alone piece or suitable for integration with the seating systems.

A furnishing accessory with an obvious sartorial style, designed as a satellite of the West seating system, but also perfect in other original arrangements.

Minotti coffee tables are created and designed to compliment the Minotti Collections for hospitality or home residence.

Technical Details


Interior in black laminate, exterior made of MDF panels clad in saddle-hide in the following colours: Mud, Dove Grey, Sage, Bordeaux, Moka, Ash, Black. Recessed top, available in the following finishes: – Stone Grey marble, 16 mm thick, glossy transparent polyester coating; – Zebrino marble, 16 mm thick; – Black backpainted glass, 6 mm thick. Base in MDF, with matt Black lacquer finish and adjustable feet.

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