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Outline Rug

Outline Rug

A bas-relief line runs along the entire perimeter tracing the elegant, minimalist look of the Minotti Outline rug.

A bas-relief line of woven bouclé wool runs along the entire perimeter of the Outline rug in New Zealand wool, drawing a geometric edge that characterises its minimalist look.

The wool used in Outline guarantees the highest quality standards: sourced from New Zealand sheep, it is known worldwide for being the finest wool available. It is classed as 100% natural fibre, a category of soft wool free from impurities and therefore easy to dye, ensuring an even colour tone throughout.

The Minotti Outline rug is made and assembled with the traditional craft method known as hand tufting, and is available in round, square and rectangular shapes. It can also be custom-designed to style any space. It is available in a wide range of colours including Moss Green, Charcoal, Petrol, Iron, Dark Brown and Cord.

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Rug made 100% of New Zealand wool,
hand-tufted artisan workmanship.
The surface profile is 16 mm thick.
The backing is made of polyester,
while the lining material is treated with
hypoallergenic prevulcanized natural
Overall weight 4,2 kg/m².
The rug can be made in custom sizes
(multiples of 50 cm).
Largest size possible : 800×500 cm and
Ø cm 600.
The rug is available in the following
colours: Moss, Charcoal, Petroleum, Iron,
Dark Brown and Cord.

N.B.: because it is handcrafted, the
overall size of the rug can vary by
approximately 3 cm, even on customsized
For custom rugs, the client is asked
to provide a design of the rug in DWG
format, including detailed dimensions.
The file will be reviewed by the Technical
Office, which reserves the right to approve
or ask that modifications be made to the
rug design before entering the production


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