Munch Side Table

Munch Side Table

Munch Side Table

Rodolfo Dordoni design

Minotti Munch Side Table

Something that goes beyond design, the Minotti Munch side table blazes a trail in the decoration world.

It features an expressive, sculptural sign, an alchemic formula where the circle and the square are intertwined. The materials are connected with subtler play: a modern black-nickel finish, a timeless lava stone base.

Minotti coffee tables are created and designed to compliment the Minotti Collections for hospitality or home residence.

Technical Details

Lower top

Made from light grey, natural lava stone, 10 mm in thickness.


In metal 5 mm in thickness, made from one bent and laser-perforat- ed sheet.


Black-Nickel-plated, with glossy transparent varnish.

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