Kyoto Outdoor Rug

Kyoto Outdoor Rug

Kyoto Outdoor Rug

Minotti Studio design

The Kyoto rug, an eclectic, universal accessory for all types of open-air living areas, brings back the inspiration to the 1950s design. The innovative look of the Kyoto rug is a Minotti exclusive, created using unique looms and multi-coloured cords in shades of white, grey and black. Designed for outdoor living environments, it has all the technical qualities required to withstand humidity. The use of acrylic fibre as a base for creating its weave guarantees its long durability.

Square or rectangular in shape, it is proposed in the colour Ash.

The rug is made of 100% polypropylene
The rug is 6 mm high.
Overall weight is 2,8 kg/m².

The rug can also be made in custom sizes
(multiples of 20 cm) up to a maximum size
of cm 600×400.

Its composition ensures permeability
and breathability, which make this rug
the right choice for use even in humid

The rug is available in the Ash colour.
N.B.: because it is handcrafted, the
overall size of the rug can vary by
approximately 3 cm, even on
custom-sized rugs.

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