Florida Outdoor Sofa

Florida Outdoor Sofa

Florida Outdoor Sofa

Rodolfo Dordoni Design

With the Minotti Florida outdoor sofa, the concept of a sofa entirely upholstered in fabric is expanded to include the outdoors. Florida is a formal clustering of soft, geometric shapes outlined in outdoor-friendly eco-leather piping, and comes in four colors – Light Grey, Dark Grey, Brown and Sand.

The variety of pieces available allows for the creation of multiple compositions that meet the increasingly widespread demand for spaces that are more intimate and cozy, as well as areas for social gatherings, even in outdoor settings.

The easy-to-remove upholstery comes in an impressive array of outdoor fabrics in shades inspired by the colors of nature, as well as in more vivid hues. Equipped with a state-of-the-art adjustment system, the feet are made of prized solid natural Iroko wood, as are the rear supports that stabilize the padded backrest.

The backrest cushions are attached to the wood supports by elegant metal frogs with polished Pewter finish that allow the cushions to be quickly detached in order to remove the upholstery covers.

Minotti Florida outdoor sofa’s structure is in metal, suitably treated to make it especially resistant to corrosion, and coated in foam padding; it is then covered in water-resistant, weather-resistant fiber and fabric. The Florida coffee table has solid, natural Iroko wood feet and the top, in Pietra del Cardoso stone, has contoured edges and a brushed finish. Thanks to its mineralogical composition, Pietra del Cardoso stone has a very compact structure and excellent properties of weather-resistance.

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Technical Details


Metal, processed in two phases – sand blasting and e-coating. Then the structure is coated in flexible, cold-formed BAYFIT® (BAYER®) polyurethane foam. Backrest supports and armrests in solid, kiln-dried iroko heartwood, reinforced with steel. Processing of the wood is carried out on numericallycontrolled machines and then finished by hand. Backrests and armrests in solid, kilndried iroko heartwood. Processed on numerically-controlled machines and finished by hand. Iroko with natural finish is treated with a protective coating, making it highly resistant to sunlight and weather, and features a level-35 gloss finish. Seat, backrests and armrests covered in lightweight, channeled quilting in Solotex® fiber, inside a breathable, water-resistant casing. A Minotti-personalized aluminum frog fastener, painted polished Pewter color for outdoors, is used to keep the backrest and armrests fastened to the iroko supports. The seat and backrest edges are trimmed with outdoor eco-leather piping. The piping comes in the following colors: Sand, Light Grey, Dark Grey and Brown.


Backrests cushions padded entirely in channeled Solotex® fiber.


In solid natural Iroko wood, adjustable.


Backrest covers are completely removable. Seat and backrest covers can be removed by unhooking the frogs

Coffee table

Top in 30 mm Pietra del Cardoso stone, contoured and fine-grain brushed. The top rests on a metal structure with polished polyester powder-coat exterior finish in Pewter color. Legs in solid iroko wood with protective Hytrel® glides.

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