Colette Armchair

Colette Armchair

Colette Armchair

Rodolfo Dordoni design

Minotti Colette Armchair. Guaranteed to turn heads, this armchair takes its inspiration from the iconic period of mid-century elegance and skillfully blends experimentation in the design of shapes with sophisticated decorative taste.

The construction of the Colette armchair is fairly complex. The profile of the external structure in metal is calendered, assembled and welded at more than 300 points. The special metallic finish is achieved through galvanization in a white-gold bath, followed by application of a transparent protective coating that lends durability and depth. The structure of the seat terminates at the front in a support structure and is made of polyurethane foam with metal insert, and elastic straps to ensure the utmost in comfort. The contoured seat cushions and seat back allow them to mold perfectly to the structure.

The Minotti Colette armchair comes in two heights and two finishes: Light Gold and Black-Nickel.

For Minotti armchair prices please contact the London showroom.

Focus on

With luster as refined as it is understated, the Colette armchair introduces a note of sophisticated extravagance to any room, not unlike the way cuff links on a shirt add a touch of refined elegance to a business suit.

Technical Details








External metal structure with polished Light Gold or BlackNickel finish and protective transparent coating applied subsequently to improve durability. The front part of the armchair is in metal coated in fire-resistant polyurethane foam with suspension provided by high-rubber-content elastic webbing and is covered with breathable, fire-resistant, heat-bonded fiber.


Channeled goose down padding for the backrest and seat cushions (Assopiuma certified, Gold Label) with core insert in temperaturesensitive polyurethane material.


Fabric and leather covers are completely removable.


Adjustable stainless steel feet with polished Light Gold or BlackNickel finish to match the structure and protective black rubber pads.

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