Blazer Sofa

Blazer Sofa

Blazer Sofa

Rodolfo Dordoni design

Minotti Blazer Sofa

The Minotti Blazer Sofa is a virtuous combination of design appeal, visible in the rigorous geometry of its volumes. The haute couture approach exemplified by its precise, meticulous sartorial craftsmanship,  is one of the creations that best expresses the most authentic artisanal attitude of the furniture in the Minotti Collection.

All the surfaces of the elements feature stitching, designing evenly-spaced bands on the covering of the base, cushions, armrests, and backrest. The Minotti Blazer Sofa design also creates a quilting effect that identifies its look and instantly provides a sensation of comfort.

The Minotti Collection also includes seats with a depth of 108 cm and chaise-longue elements with a depth of 143 cm – with high and low backrests and armrests.

The system is complemented by a series of cushions in different sizes and headrests, which can be freely positioned, decorating the seats and offering maximum comfort.

The Minotti Blazer Sofa is one of the cushioned seats in the collection that exemplifies a strong character. Yet, its modular elements allow for the creation of original configurations and are freely customisable — thanks to the extensive choice of elements and exclusive coverings available.

The compositions can be mixed and matched with the complements of the Minotti Collection 2020 comprised of coffee tables, console tables, benches, and armchairs. Minotti brings a pleasant break from boring symmetry while injecting a bold personality that adds a spark of excitement to any living space.

Minotti Blazer Sofa expresses a brand-new language, mixing the highly sartorial matelassé effect crafting technique. This qualifies it as an exclusive, sophisticated product, recognisable for its exceptional quality, with a contemporary look characterised by clean lines.

The key feature of the design is the backrest with rounded internal corners, which creates a comfortable, enveloping niche. Minotti Blazer Sofa has the power to transform the chaise-longue element with tall backrest and armrest into a particularly welcoming alcove.

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Structure: one-piece, plywood with
high-rubber-content elastic webbing
to ensure springy suspension. The seat
structure is made of high-resilience,
variable-density polyurethane foam, with
a concave contour that cradles the seat
cushion to hold it firmly in place over
time. The armrests and backrests are
encased in a breathable heat-bonded
quilted fiber casing laminated to a white
hypoallergenic cotton fabric for added
softness and comfort.
The artistic craftsmanship employed in
the backrest/armrest structure and the
seat cushion combines quilt stitching
and double embroidery for a matelassé
effect that immediately conveys a sense
of comfort.
The upholstered base is tailored with
double embroidery stitching.
Cushions: backrest and seat cushions
in channeled goose down (Assopiuma
Gold Label certified) undergo routine
sanitization as specified in EC Regulation
No. 1069/2009, with core insert in
high-resilience, variable-density
polyurethane foam.

Covers: structure, seat and backrest
cushion covers are completely removable
in all versions (fabric and leather).
Feet: in extruded aluminium with
varnished polished Brandy colour
anti-fingerprint finish.
Black polyethylene glides.

Made of plywood coated in high-resilience
polyurethane foam, then covered with
breathable, heat-bonded fiber laminated
to white cotton canvas. To improve
adherence of the element to the seat, a
counterweight is inserted inside the fabric
strip where it meets the seat cushion

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