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Furniture Favourites with Zoltan Halasz

In the 5th of the series of Furniture Favourites, Trade and Retail Manager for Minotti London Zoltan Halasz talks about his favourite piece from the 2021 collection.

Hit the play button below to watch the full conversation, or read the full transcript below:

Zoltan Halasz: Hello, my name is Zoltan. I work for Minotti London and I’m here today to talk about the new Minotti 2021 collection, especially my favourite piece, which is the Superquadra.

The Superquadra line was designed by Marcio Kogan, who is amazing Brazilian architect and furniture designer, with mk27 studio.
It has a very light metal base, which is in the Brandy finish.

You can have a combination of the wooden walnut slots, palisander wood. Of course, the piece comes in lots of different variations because it’s a line, it’s a family of furniture products. It has a coffee table, a bench, a console table, and also a mix of bench and coffee table, which I think is absolutely revolutionary because it combines everything, what we need, for a nice, modern new interior.

And I can’t wait to use it for my projects and put it on basically all of them.

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