D-Woods / Teak

A very precious and expensive timber, Teak is obtained from the Tectona grandis tree, a plant typical of the tropical and subtropical countries of South and South-East Asia. The wood can feature different veins and shades of colour, ranging from brown to dark grey. The chromatic variations distinguish it in terms of naturalness and value. Thanks to its high resistance to varying weather conditions and temperature variations, as well as to insects and plant pests, such as fungi and moulds, it is considered the best wood for outdoor use. For i ts collections, Minotti uses the most exquisite Burmese Teak, which is certified both quality-wise (First European Quality) and ethicallywise. It has the peculiarity of containing natural oily substances that, even without a preservative treatment, render it exceptionally resistant to water and humidity. The Teak changes colour naturally over time, going from reddish brown to grey-silver. T he process of "silvering" can be slowed down by applying a coat of Teak Oil every two months, thus preserving the appearance of the freshly cut wood. Furthermore, a Teak Oil treatment used twice a year is sufficient to protect the timber from external agents. The ideal setting recommended by Minotti for all the products in the Lifescape Collection is covered or partially-covered verandas or terraces. To improve the life of Teak products, Minotti suggests covering them with the special Rain Cover covers.

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