D-Woods / Iroko

Surface resistance to cold liquids
Uni en 12720:2009
Corrosion resistance - salt spray tests
Un en Iso 9227:2006
Cold check test for surface finishes
Uni 9429:1989
Surface resistence to artificial weathering using fluorescent uv and water
En 927-6:2006
The iroko is a very large tree native to central africa. It is a precious wood that requires careful processing. In addition to being sturdy, it is also naturally water resistant, thanks to its high tannin content. Aging is a natural and fairly rapid process and tends to make iroko wood more homogeneous over time. Like most kinds of wood, iroko does not have uniform color and veining. Thus, it’s possible to find nuances of color that are not perfectly harmonious. This should not be considered a defect in the material but rather a valuable asset of solid wood. Given its exposure to the sun and the aging process, the initial shade of color can have noticeable differences depending on geographic location, as seen in the photographs. The color and finish applied by minotti bring out the inherent properties of the material and make it even more suitable for outdoor use. To this end, a uv protective, weather-resistant varnish is applied, with a satin finish (35% gloss). Specifically, the surface treatment carried out by minotti is intended to slow down the natural chromatic evolution of the wood from a yellow-tawny brown to dark brown, almost coffee.

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