“Bush-hammered” Black/Silver

H-Metals / “Bush-hammered” Black/Silver

The powder coat painting process of the metal frames is carried out with an epoxy primer. The primer is a thermosetting powder coating based on Specific cross-linked epoxy resin hardeners, formulated with special anticorrosion pigments. These pigments contain no chrome or lead. Epoxy Resins offer superior physical characteristics and shorter reaction times than polyester and vinylester paints, and therefore command a higher Price. Powder coating is for exterior use and this solution is the best option in terms of the mechanical functions required, stretching, reaction to Atmospheric agents (weathering), and warehousing of treated products. The bush-hammered texture is a aesthetic choice that does not compromise Product durability or maintenance in any way. Cleaning should be done with water and neutral soap, taking care to avoid marring or scratching the Painted surface. Nor should corrosive products be used that could corrode the paint or alter the color.

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