Minotti 2021 Outdoor Collection – Torii Nest Outdoor by Nendo - post image background.

Minotti 2021 Outdoor Collection – Torii Nest Outdoor by Nendo

Designed for indoor environments in 2020, Torii Nest migrates to open-air living spaces, in the armchair, lounge and dining little armchairs versions.

With structural details linked to Japanese tradition, the seats play with round edged volumes, thin profiles and the apparent formal simplicity of an extremely intricate design.

The architect and designer Oki Sato named his studio after the Japanese word for modelling clay. A clue that his designs are created in a very playful way.

Hit the play button below to watch the full conversation, or read the full transcript below:

Oki Sato: The Torii is a gate seen in traditional Japanese Shinto shrines. But it’s not just a gate, it’s not just an entrance, but it’s a kind of a spiritual boundary when you enter a sacred space.

The interesting feature of the Torii collection is mostly focused on the legs. Usually, when there’s a seat, there are the vertical legs, and then they would be connected horizontally. But in this case, the horizontal structure is placed on top of the legs. Then the seat is placed on top of the horizontal structure.

Another interesting feature is the way the horizontal structure kind of clamps, and bites the seat. This detail is seen again in traditional Japanese wooden architecture. It’s all about these small details, the sophisticated details, and it’s about craftsmanship and that’s what makes it a Minotti piece.

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