Minotti London 2020 Collection – Lounging - post image background.

Minotti London 2020 Collection – Lounging

The Minotti London 2020 Collection

As part of the build-up to the Minotti London 2020 Collection, Minotti Studio has released a brand new video.

Unlike previous collections, Minotti has narrated this video. This gives the viewer an insight into the mood and inspiration behind the exciting new collection.

As the narrator says:

“…In a moment of deep relaxation, on my favourite sofa, I observe nature through the window.
It’s May, it’s late Spring outside. I get up to pour myself a drink with ice and go out to immerse myself in the greenery, to breathe in some fresh air.
A light breeze moves the boughs of the trees, beneath my bare feet I feel the roughness of the natural stone, above me only the intense blue sky, illuminated by the evening light.

The sofa that designs my outdoor oasis is ready to welcome me in its enveloping embrace.
I look around. I feel peaceful and safe, in total harmony with my home habitat.
In the silence at the end of the day, my mind wanders, inspired by the sensation of extraordinary continuity between my living area – private and reassuring – and the outdoor space – open to the world.
The perfect synthesis between aesthetics, comfort, intimacy and elegance.”

Some of the notable pieces in the video include the Fynn chairs by GamFratesi from the Minotti London 2020 collection and the Florida sofa from past collections.

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