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5 Ways to Style a Hall Table

A lobby or foyer is the first introduction to the aesthetic of a home, office, or hotel and the styling of the hall table plays a big role in setting the right atmosphere. Hall tables are a great way to organise necessities and provide a decorative platform for welcoming accent pieces.

Styling a hall table is all about bringing function and personality to a certain area, providing both extra surface space and a focal point to the room. In this design guide from Minotti London, discover some ideas on how to style a hall table and finish a foyer or hallway with an elegant flourish.

How to Style a Hall Table

The location of the hall table, what to display on it, and how to curate a composition are all key considerations outlined in this guide to ensure it will make a clear impression the moment one steps through the door.

There are various ways one can create an impactful and functional entryway, and these five styling ideas for hall tables will help create a space full of appeal and intrigue.

Consider the Space

How to style a hall tableThis Lang Console is well-suited to particularly large spaces and as seen above, can be the perfect home for large decorative pieces | Designed by Rodolfo Dordoni for © Minotti London

Hall tables come in a range of shapes and sizes, including rectangular, round, and half-moon, some of which are more suited to certain settings than others.

For example, large spaces with an abundance of blank walls will favour long, rectangular console tables, which can be incorporated into a larger scheme with a coat rack, umbrella stand or occasional chair. On the other hand, smaller spaces favour low or narrow consoles or the half-moon design, to help maximise the wall space.

As there is rarely an abundance of other furniture in a hallway, the hall table will usually be the central point of focus and the first impression one gets of the space.

With this in mind, it helps to style a hall table in a way that’s in keeping with the entire interior. For instance, the design elements of a hall table in a quintessential countryside cottage will look very different to that of a penthouse suite.

Less is More

How to style a hall tableThis Calder Console boasts an elegantly minimalist styling. The imbalance by the books and lamp on just one side of the table shows how one can play with traditional design rules to create an entirely different aesthetic | Designed by Rodolfo Dordoni for © Minotti London

An effortlessly simple and chic hallway will appeal to minimalists and can work in both large and small spaces. In smaller areas, keep the look neutral so the eye is drawn to the selected accent piece. A fresh floral arrangement, pot plant, or greenery will add colour and movement whilst maintaining the simple feel.

Leaving room to appreciate a few key accent pieces will establish a spacious feel even in a compact space. One simple and effective way to achieve this with a small hall table is to create one stack of decorative items, which leaves more surface space on the table itself; for example a stack of books topped with a lamp.

In a larger foyer, a simple scheme can be expanded with an occasional chair next to the hall table, draped with a neutral sheepskin or throw. Another idea would be to incorporate a statement rug to bring in colour and texture and a large, oversized mirror above the hall table will reflect space and amplify light.

Form and Function

Along with being a decorative feature, a hall table in the entryway of a home can act as a staging post for entering or leaving the property, making it an ideal place to store everyday items, such as keys, glasses or gloves.

To avoid clutter, add storage for daily essentials such as shoes, umbrellas or beach towels. Woven baskets, storage ottomans, chests or trunks can be stored under the hall table and will also serve to ground the design scheme.

Some hall table designs incorporate useful drawers to store gloves, glasses, and other essentials whereas a small tray or dish is a decorative yet functional solution to store smaller items like keys.


How to style a hall tableWhile it’s not a mirror, this Kirk Console has been anchored by a large work of art that helps draw the eye and make a bold statement in the space | Designed by Rodolfo Dordoni for © Minotti London

Large mirrors work well above a hall table and a circular design can provide a subtle counterpoint to the straight lines of typical hallway architecture. Furthermore, mirrors are often employed by interior designers to open up a space and maximise light.

This large element will anchor the rest of the design while making a thematic statement about the space and drawing the eyes to the hall table. Instead of a mirror, one might use a work of art, a wall clock or a tall vase with cut flowers, but any suitable anchor piece will pull the vignette together and set the mood for the rest of the space.

Focus on the Details

When it comes to styling a hall table, less is more; too many items on a table will make it look busy and chaotic. While it can be tempting to add many decorative items, choosing larger pieces such as thick candles, vases of cut flowers and lamps will look more refined and less cluttered.

To take the design a step further, one might introduce a range of other accessories, such as:

  • Baskets
  • Umbrella holder
  • Plant
  • Floral arrangement
  • Decorative objects
  • Books
  • Candles

To curate such items, consider the larger pieces first, then evaluate the overall vignette before introducing anything else. One should remember that arrangements featuring an odd number of decorations are more aesthetically pleasing than even-numbered displays. As such, smaller items such as candles work particularly in groups of three.

Conclusion: Styling a Hall Table

A well-styled hall table has the power to set the tone for the entire interior, which is why in this guide we have explored some key styling ideas that will help to achieve this. To summarise, these include:

  • Consider the space: This will affect what components work. It might be located in the entryway of an apartment, the hall of a country house, the foyer of a hotel, or the reception of an office building.
  • Less is more: A simple design scheme can still have an impact if it’s carefully curated.
  • Form and function: A hall table can be functional as well as aesthetic, and there are various ways to implement this.
  • Mirror: A large mirror or statement artwork will bring the vignette together and create a focal point.
  • Focus on the details: Choosing the right accessories is key to creating a cohesive hall table setting, and will add personality.

By utilising the five design ideas described above and in this guide when considering how to style a hall table, one will be able to bring function and personality to a space and add a flourish to any foyer or entryway.

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