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Sofabed Ideas: An Interior Design Guide

Often the centrepiece of the room where it resides, a sofabed adds elegance, comfort and functionality to a room’s interior design. It can be a comfortable seat to spend time with a book or a hospitable sleeping space for an overnight guest. 

The versatility and functionality of a sofabed make it the perfect piece of furniture for both small and large spaces. No matter the size or style of a home, there is a sofabed arrangement that fits any room. 

To help create an area of supreme comfort and practicality, in this guide, we discuss five sofabed ideas for curating the best arrangement in a space.  

5 Best Sofabed Ideas for Any Room 

minotti deep suitcase sofa bedWith matching colours and accented textures, the throw and the cushions ensure the Deep Suitcase Sofa continues to look sleek and comfortable when converted as a bed | Designed by Rodolfo Dordoni for © Minotti London

Some of the key factors to consider when looking for a new sofabed include the shape, style, practicality and — most importantly — the comfort. Of course, the only way to truly know how comfortable a sofa is, is to sit on it.

At Minotti London, we implore all our clients to come and experience a sofa for themselves before making a commitment. This means sitting on the sofa of choice while enjoying a coffee and discussing the style, shape and dimensions with our colleagues. 

By working with architects and interior designers, we take great care to ensure that a sofa will fit well within a designated space. We do this by developing an understanding of a project and the dimensions of a room, which is another reason to visit our London showroom. 

With that in mind, here are some of the most popular and effective ways to arrange a sofabed in a number of different spaces. 

The Classic Curation

Placing a sofabed against the wall of a room is an incredibly simple way to arrange a room, though the ease of its arrangement is not the only reason why this curation is so popular. 

Here, simplicity becomes classical and having a sofabed against a wall is just as suited to a living room as it is a guest room or study. It’s a perfect setup for smaller spaces as it helps to maximise the floor space and allows for plenty of room when the sofa becomes a bed. 

One may consider hanging paintings, posters or even a clock on the wall behind the sofabed to help bring more dimension to the room. Hanging mirrors can also achieve this while making the room appear larger and reflecting light, making it feel brighter. 

To make the most of this classic curation, one may consider keeping the walls painted a relatively neutral colour.In doing so, it becomes easier to find a sofabed that will either complement the room’s decor, with neutral and earthy tones, or contrast it with bolder colours such as mustard yellow or navy blue. 

The Centrepiece

Larger spaces, such as loft conversions, allow for more creative freedom when it comes to placing furniture and a sofabed, in particular, can act as a stunning centrepiece when placed in the middle of such a room. 

Modular sofabeds and geometric corner sofabeds work especially well for such an arrangement as they add dynamism whilst subtly enveloping the space of the room. 

As this makes the sofabed the feature and focal point of the room, it’s important to style it like one. With bold accessories such as bright and vibrant throws and cushions, the sofabed will easily draw the eye and give the room additional energy. 

As well as a loft conversion, making a sofabed such a centrepiece can work just as well in a summer or pool house, or even a sitting room when paired with a suitable coffee table. 

The Corner Layout

deep suitcase sofa bedThe lamp and the side table can double up as a reading light and night stand for when the sofa is converted into a bed | Designed by Rodolfo Dordoni for © Minotti London

As one might expect, corner sofabeds are particularly well suited to be placed in the corners of a room. However, placing a sofabed in the corner of a room, regardless of whether or not it’s a corner sofa, can be a great way to create a zone around the sofabed itself. 

In doing so, this helps define the sofabed’s role within the room and create an air of tranquillity and relaxation in the corner itself. 

To enhance this layout one might add other stylish yet functional pieces to complete the corner. For example, a standalone lamp can become a reading light whereas a small side table can be used as a night table when the sofabed has been converted into a bed. 

The Fireplace 

Fireplaces are the epitome of homeliness, which is why they deserve to be the focus of the room. With a sofabed facing a fireplace, the room will feel immediately warmer. 

While this is already a quintessential look for a sitting room, the use of weighted throws and a thick rug will only add to the overall look and feel, making for a perfectly cosy retreat, especially on cold winter nights. 

To further complement this setup, we suggest opting for semi-dark and warm tones that will match the light of a fire. 

The Study

Sofas work particularly well in home offices and studies, not just as an alternative seating area to one’s desk but as a place to think, read and even conduct phone and video calls. sofabeds, on the other hand, bring additional functionality and are perfect when hosting a multitude of guests.

However, ensuring that the office itself maintains an aesthetic of balance, sophistication and professionalism is imperative. In such a room, one may consider a sofabed that’s minimalist in its design so as to not draw too much attention to itself. 

The sofabed can also be framed in between two bookcases, not only to add a sense of elegance to the layout but to help mask it as a convenient reading and study area.

Conclusion: How to Install a Sofabed

minotti sofa bedHere, the Deep Suitcase Sofabed has been chosen to match the colour of the interior design | Designed by Rodolfo Dordoni for © Minotti London

As discussed, there are many ways one might consider installing a sofabed and much of the decision will rely on how the room it will reside in and whether it’s more likely to be used as a bed or a sofa. 

To summarise, the layouts and rooms discussed include: 

  • The Classic Curation: Placed adjacent to a wall, this simple layout is timeless and works in just about every room.  
  • The Centrepiece: For larger spaces, a sofabed can be the feature element when placed in the middle of a room.  
  • The Corner: Both corner and traditional sofabeds work well in the corner of a room. The key here is to create a zone of comfort and relaxation with a range of different elements including other pieces of furniture and light sources.  
  • The Fireplace: The hearth excuberiates warmth and comfort, so having a sofabed face a fire is an easy yet effective way to create a space that is homely and welcoming.  
  • The Study: Minimalist designs work particularly well in formal settings and framing a sofabed between two bookcases is a great way to add symmetry to the room. 

As mentioned previously, it’s of paramount importance that any sofa is seen and experienced in person in order to get a real feel for it. To make an appointment, please don’t hesitate to contact us

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