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4 Ways to Arrange & Style Furniture in a TV Room

TV rooms serve as a place where the family can come together and relax after a long day and is the ideal room for watching films and boxset dramas. While there is a wide range of electronic devices that can enhance one’s viewing experience, there are other factors to consider when designing a TV room.

How To Set Up a TV RoomWith so many factors to consider, finding the perfect TV room furniture arrangement can be challenging | Designed by Rodolfo Dordoni for © Minotti London

A perfect TV room is a combination of furniture arrangement, aesthetics and design. With the television screen as the main focal point of the room, it is important to choose furniture arrangements that are both functional and stylish.

However, combining functionality and style isn’t always easy and some may struggle to strike the right balance. Learn how to set up a TV room with this design guide from Minotti London.

How To Set Up a TV Room

The furniture arrangement can make a big difference between a room that feels cramped and one that has plenty of room to breathe. With the right furniture arrangement, a TV room can become a cosy space to spend relaxing time with family and entertain friends.

Here are four ways to create a comfortable, functional and inviting TV room furniture arrangement.

Place the TV on the main wall

A TV placed front and centre on a big, blank wall will anchor the space and create a focal point. With this in mind, the first step to setting up a TV room is by placing the TV on the main wall.

With this layout, one should avoid placing the TV facing the windows or within direct sunlight as glare will become an issue and hinder the viewing experience. If this is not possible, curtains or blinds can help block the sunlight during the day.

For larger TV rooms, one might consider placing the TV on an accent wall, which will help anchor the space, turning the wall into a focal point when the TV isn’t on while adding visual interest to the room.

Choose the right seating layout

How To Set Up a TV RoomA large L-shaped sofa can be one of the best seating arrangements for a TV room as it provides space for several people without compromising any individual’s view of the screen | Designed by Rodolfo Dordoni for © Minotti London

When it comes to TV room furniture placement, there are many configurations to choose from, such as:

  • A sectioned layout: In this layout, a large sofa is placed on the opposite wall of the TV with additional seating options in front of it, facing the TV.
  • An L-shaped layout: Here, a large L-shaped sofa in the corner of the room can maximise the seating space.
  • A U-shaped layout: A U-shaped layout is one in which the seating is arranged around the three walls of a room, creating an open space in the centre where the TV is placed.
  • Square layout: This layout usually consists of a sofa, coffee table and two armchairs arranged around a TV in a square.
  • A horseshoe layout: This layout can be created in a horseshoe-shaped room. It features the TV placed on the centre wall and a sofa set along each wall.

Creating the ideal TV room furniture placement is about defining the room’s focal point and choosing the best layout. Focal points can include an existing architectural feature, such as a fireplace, or large decorative items, such as an eye-catching piece of art or a striking rug.

In the case of a TV room, the TV itself is likely to be the main focal point. As such, deciding on the right furniture layout will depend on the room itself and where the TV is placed.

Arrange a seating area centred around the TV

When arranging furniture around the TV, a good rule of thumb is that every seating option in the room should have an unobstructed view of the television for optimal viewing.

The classic setup involves placing a sofa or sectional opposite the TV, with chairs or ottomans on either side for additional seating. This arrangement allows every seat in the room to have a good viewing angle of the TV.

Another way to arrange furniture in a TV room is by creating an L-shaped seating area. It’s a classic layout that works well with any TV size and any shape or style of the room.

This layout usually consists of a large sofa stretching along one wall and the loveseat or armchairs placed perpendicular to it. This allows to put the focus on the TV with a seating area positioned in front of it or face the couches toward each other for a more intimate conversation.

Add colour and texture with accessories

How To Set Up a TV RoomThe optimal viewing experience often requires a darkened room, but colourful accents can offset the risk of a dark room feeling drab | Designed by Gigi Radice for © Minotti London

Using pillows, throws and other accessories in bright colours and a variety of patterns will liven up any dark-coloured piece of furniture in the TV room. One can also add pattern and texture to the room’s decor by placing a rug in the middle of the seating area.

With the low lights typical of TV rooms, splashes of colours and patterns will brighten up the space and make it more inviting. In addition, decorative lamps placed strategically around the seating area can set the mood with ambient light.

Incorporating plants into the TV room decor will also add life to the space. For example, large potted plants placed on either side of the TV unit will add colour and a breath of freshness.

Create a perfect TV room furniture arrangement

Setting up the ideal TV room can be an artistic and creative process. The primary purpose of creating the perfect furniture arrangement in the TV room is to provide the best possible viewing experience.

This design guide covered the following tips for a comfortable and functional TV room:

  • Find the right placement for the TV
  • Choose the right seating layout
  • Arrange a seating area centred around the TV
  • Add colour and texture with accessories

While searching for the perfect TV room layout, it is essential to make sure that its arrangement, style, and decor fits one’s lifestyle and personal preferences.

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