Minotti London in conversation with Sam D’Lacey - post image background.

Minotti London in conversation with Sam D’Lacey

Sam is an expert brand strategist and creative lead with 30 years of experience working with retail, financial and lifestyle brands.

By focusing on human-centric needs she creates a greater connection with service and product brands, identifying opportunities and delivering multi-channel initiatives that achieve greater affinity, reach and growth for business.

Her role includes setting strategic and creative direction, accomplished by deploying research, analysis and insight methods with a high level of understanding of consumer behaviour, market and cultural trends, economic shifts and technological advancement. She ensures all creative output is visionary, challenging and radical whilst being informed, relevant and commercial.

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Sam D’Lacey: I actually discovered this building about 18 months ago. It was an old grain store that had been kind of pretty run down, wasn’t being used. But I saw it as a great opportunity to create something really kind of quite unique. Part of the ambition of moving here was to create a space that meant I could come and work, disconnect from the London office when I really needed to think things through.

Sit here peacefully, enjoy the views and have the kind of creative thought that’s so important when you are initially working on a project. But it was about taking an old building and really kind of trying to enhance it without taking away from what it was. So it really became kind of part of the countryside. So hopefully we’ve kind of managed to achieve that balance of functionality, but also somewhere that’s a beautiful place to be full of objects that I really enjoy.

My name is Sam D’Lacey. I represent a company called Hart D’Lacey, which was founded in 2003. It was a small team of people originally with skills in corporate identity, packaging print, as well as architectural interiors, which means we can offer client solutions for brand communication, retail environments, as well as kind of residential and corporate environments. So it’s about kind of making room for all the kind of beautiful things that make you feel great and really kind of enhance your life.

That’s why the relationship with Minotti is so great because they support that kind of thinking for us. For me, what’s important when working for brands, I guess it’s twofold. One, having an environment that you can take clients to, which, for me, the Minotti showroom is almost like a kind of three dimensional living magazine. It’s really inspirational to clients, but also being backed up by really good service.

Minotti London Showroom in

So knowing somebody really well, knowing their needs, what they like, I think it’s important that there’s really quality and attention to detail. Right from the product through to the piece of literature that you pick up, it should be kind of seamless and that’s what’s there and that’s what makes it really strong as a brand.

Often we have a client that’s after a particular look, so I’m already kind of mindful of what Minotti do and I’m thinking that’s perfect for the project and when the project’s right, and when we want to recommend Minotti products, inevitably clients always love it. So that’s great. All the Minotti products are pretty classic, but I really like the kind of simple lines.

So I really enjoy the sofas and the soft furnishing that’s kind of very simple, very elegant. I really kind of enjoy the choice of materials because they do change and it’s always kind of interesting to see what’s new. But I do think that once clients are introduced to the brand and once they sense the quality that they’re getting, that they will be a fan for life.

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