Minotti Blazer Sofa by Rodolfo Dordoni - post image background.

Minotti Blazer Sofa by Rodolfo Dordoni

Designer Rodolfo Dordoni explains the thinking behind his design for the stunning Minotti Blazer sofa.

The strategic collaboration between Minotti and Rodolfo Dordoni, architect and designer from Milan, began back in 1997.

Rationalist architect and professional with a multi-faceted personality, Rodolfo Dordoni met Renato and Roberto Minotti towards the end of the nineties. The Minotti brothers immediately considered Rodolfo Dordoni’s cultural background, professional experience and sensitivity as an interior decorator the ideal basis for forging a strong relationship.

The Minotti Blazer Sofa is a virtuous combination of design appeal, visible in the rigorous geometry of its volumes. The haute couture approach exemplified by its precise, meticulous sartorial craftsmanship, is one of the creations that best expresses the most authentic artisanal attitude of the furniture in the Minotti Collection.

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Rodolfo Dordoni: Blazer, the piece that best reflects the typical attitude of Minotti in enhancing ability in craftsmanship. It’s a modular system, which can stand as a sofa by itself, and it’s not necessary to assemble or join other parts.

In its manufacturing, a very sophisticated stitching process is deployed in line with this approach, this attitude of wanting to perfect the craftsmanship, an element of the brand’s great recognisability. And this is perhaps the best response this year to the desire to make a classic piece, classic in the real meaning of the term, so the real sofa.

Blazer Sofa

A soft sofa that has very masculine features, perhaps this is also in part the source of the name Blazer, which in some way presents the company’s two souls: great sensuality, and passion, but with the typical rigour of the more masculine nature. It’s the piece that presents a new version of the company’s identity.

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