A Japanese name and Scandinavian design come together to create the Minotti Yoko Dining Chair, a light and elegant seating design inspired by both cultures.

Blending notes of Japanese and Scandinavian design, the Yoko Dining Chair is inspired by both cultures. Adding the characteristic Italian flair for craftsmanship from the Minotti family, the result is a chair which is light and elegant.

Yoko Dining Chair

The latest iteration of Japanese and Danish design duo Inoda+Sveje’s 2022 masterpiece, artfully updated for the 2024 Collection, the Yoko Dining Chair artfully blends influences from both Japanese and Scandinavian schools of design into a harmonious whole.

Featuring iconic sinuous lines, refinished in a range of new options, the Yoko has been reimagined to fit ever-evolving tastes. The blending of design cultures and the masterful craftsmanship which comes from the Inoda+Sveje/ Minotii partnership continues to astound.

Classic Lines Updated

The frame of the Yoko dining chair is a perennial classic which finds its place around any table.

Sinuously curved, smooth wood, rendered with masterful understanding of the cabinetmaker’s craft, gives a lightweight aesthetic while providing solid grounding. The classic choices of Ash, finished with a liquorice-coloured lacquer or Canaletto, stained light-brown are joined by new options.

The 2024 Collection iteration of the Yoko dining chair introduces matt lacquered solid beech to the pallet of choices. Finished in the new colours of chestnut, moss, sand, mud and matt bleached ash, it finds an easy home in any dining setting.

Understated and elegant, the twin design philosophies sit comfortably together, collaborating rather than battling. The Yoko Dining Chair fully embraces the best of both, with the practicality of Scandinavian design marrying perfectly to the flowing lines of Japan.

Further Enhanced

The seating pads and backrests, available in a range of finishes, further highlight the sophisticated, understated lines of the Yoko Dining Chair. Free from ostentation and unencumbered by over-design, the simple, yet exquisitely tailored, upholstery embodies the effortless scandi-cool of the chair.

The minimalist padding allows the chair to be both comfortable, meeting the ergonomic needs of the user, without compromising the essential elegance of the design.

The combination of frame and padding gives a dining chair which is light and elegant while remaining solid and practical.

Home and Hospitality

The Yoko Dining Chair finds a natural habitat in either residential or hospitality settings. The clean design-language, partnered with the range of options, mean that it finds an easy home around any table.

Refined and elegant, yet deceptively simple in its essential lines, the Yoko Dining Chair enhances without demanding. At once stripped-back to the essentials and sinuously elegant, the essential functionality shines through, giving a sophisticated yet unshowy atmosphere. This very simplicity makes the Yoko Dining Chair the ideal solution for family dining rooms or hospitality events.

The focus is left firmly on the table, its contents and, most vitally, those seated around it.

FAQ About the
What finishes are available? -

The Yoko Dining Chair frame is available in two options:

  • Solid ash open pore wood lacquered with Liquorice colour
  • Solid Canaletto walnut stained light brown

A wide range of fabric and leather coverings can be chosen from.

Who designed the Yoko Dining Chair?-

The Yoko family is designed by INODA+SVEJE, the Japanese-Danish design duo made up of Kyoko Inoda and Nils Sveje. Their designs are characterised by a harmonious approach and incredible attention to shapes and proportions.

Where can I buy a Yoko Dining Chair?-

The Yoko Dining Chair is only available through official Minotti retailers, such as Minotti London. You can order a Yoko Dining Chair directly from us.

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