Inoda+Sveje design

The Minotti Yoko armchair is a light and elegant seat designed by the Japanese-Scandinavian duo Inoda+Sveje. This armchair seamlessly combines the minimalistic aesthetic of the Scandinavian style with the functionality of the Japanese design, creating a unique blend of the two cultures.

In this piece, the expertise in woodworking characteristics of Nordic and Japanese craftsmanship meets the historical know-how of an Minotti, an expert in upholstered furniture and exquisite Italian artistry. The Yoko armchair is the harmonious union of extraordinary craftsmanship, elegance and comfort.

The Minotti Yoko Armchair Characteristics

The Minotti Yoko armchair is characterised by its delicate curved lines, which add a dynamic touch to its elegance. This piece features armrests and legs in solid Canaletto walnut stained Light Brown or Liquorice-coloured open-pore ash wood. This chromatic choice lends a more decisive tone to the elegance of the silhouette.

This design has been created with special cabinet-making interlocking techniques,  attaching the frame and the legs with a functional and decorative joint.

FAQ About the
What variations is the Minotti Yoko Armchair available in?-

The Minotti Yoko armchair features a frame available in two versions: in solid Canaletto walnut stained Light Brown or Liquorice-coloured open-pore ash wood.

Where can I buy the Minotti Yoko Armchair?-

The Minotti Yoko armchair is only available through official Minotti retailers, such as Minotti London. You can buy your Yoko armchair directly from us.

How much does the Minotti Yoko Armchair cost?-

The price of any Minotti furniture piece is not publicly available, as it depends on many factors. Contact us today to get a detailed price breakdown.

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