Rodolfo Dordoni design

The Minotti Twiggy is a family of seats designed by Rodolfo Dordoni that transforms living spaces with unprecedented timeless beauty. Twiggy presents itself with an array of striking, elegant seats that capture Minotti's sophisticated design style.

Twiggy combines the technical precision of its sleek design with the practicality of flexible modules. This cohesive yet versatile sofa system comprises an armchair, a bench, a couch and a chaise longue.

Each piece of the Twiggy family can be used as a standalone element or combined to create custom configurations for a living space – from the living room to dining rooms and libraries.

The Minotti Twiggy Characteristics

Combining geometric shapes with extreme comfort, Minotti’s Twiggy Sofa System brings to life the soulful nature of Italian design with its elegant, timeless style. With its soft cushioning, oversized armrests and sculptural form, the Twiggy family has been crafted for supreme relaxation.

Each piece from the Twiggy collection boasts exceptionally comfortable seating, covered in leather, nubuck or fabric and embellished with refined stitching. In addition, each seat features a curved base made of semi-glossy polished aluminium or aluminium with black coffee-coloured glossy varnish.

FAQ About the
What pieces does the Minotti Twiggy sofa system include?-

The Twiggy collection comprises a sofa, an armchair, a bench and a chaise longue. The elements can be combined to create a cohesive seating system suitable for any living, hospitality or office space with an air of sophistication.

Where can I buy the Minotti Twiggy sofa system?-

The Minotti Twiggy sofa is only available through official Minotti retailers, such as Minotti London. You can buy your Twiggy sofa directly from us.

How much does the Minotti Twiggy cost?-

The price of any Minotti furniture piece is not publicly available, as it depends on many factors. Contact us today to get a detailed price breakdown.

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