Giampiero Tagliaferri

Sculptural yet comfortable, the Supermoon blends comfort, elegance and style. This design project marries innovation with a distinct 1970s tone.

Sculptural yet comfortable, the Supermoon blends comfort, elegance and style. This design project marries innovation with a distinct 1970s tone.

Supermoon Sofa

Designed by Giampireo Tagliaferri, in concert with the Minotti studio, the Supermoon sofa effortlessly blends comfort and style.

Design Language

Combining classic cues and modern sculptural elements, this project from the Minotti studio demands attention without overpowering. Endlessly versatile and adaptable yet capable of standing alone, the Supermoon sofa sits sympathetically wherever it may be.
With customary Italian craftsmanship, each design element is allowed to speak. Through clear 1970s influences and modern sculptural sensibilities there is an undoubted elegance without pretension. With comfort and escape ever in mind, the Supermoon offers both with no compromise on aesthetics.

Subtle details enhance without overwhelming. A poetic nod towards the phases of the moon in the arms and backrests blends with the sculptural floating chrome-plated frame, partly concealed by the opulently upholstered base.

Gentle curves contrast with architectural elements offering a level of versatility not often seen. Because of these inherent contrasts in the design language, the Supermoon is capable of finding a home in any room.

Whether standing as a monolithic element or blending smoothly into the room, the Supermoon brings both a softness and formal elegance to any space. Partnering equally comfortably with warm homeliness or architectural rigidity, this piece from the Minotti studio brings a playful element wherever it is deployed.

Stand Alone

As a standalone nomadic piece, the Supermoon fits effortlessly into any space. A range of fabric and finishes allows the deceptively simple design to shine wherever it may be. Choose between fabrics and wood or marble tops to enhance any room.

Smooth lines and delicate curves allow this project to stand proudly as the focus or to slip effortlessly into the background as your space demands, offering versatility independent of the ample customisation options.

Modular Design

Though designed to stand alone, the lunar phase motif allows the Supermoon to be a truly modular piece. Marrying further elements allows an evolution from monolithic sofa to truly flexible seating system.

Through brushing joints, when placed side-by-side, each element stands as both individual and part of the grand gestalt. The addition of further seating elements allows the Supermoon a truly infinite number of configurations, bringing a level of practicality unmatched by its competitors.

This inbuilt modularity does not represent any loss of impact but yet enhances the overall effect brought by the considered contrast between hard and soft elements.

Classic Aesthetics, Modern Comfort

The effortless style of the Supermoon does not represent any compromise on comfort. Opulent upholstery blends with wood, marble and chrome to offer a touch of luxury to both the eyes and the body. Here, the language of design speaks most clearly: a piece both elegantly sculptural yet eminently practical.

A place to sit, contemplate or entertain, the option of the attached console table or armrest further enhances the versatility of the piece.

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