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Named after the Japanese city of trees, Sendai, this line of furnishing pieces includes armchairs available in two sizes.

Named after the Japanese city of trees, Sendai, this line of furnishing pieces consists of a small sofa, an armchair and dining and lounge small armchairs.

Designed in collaboration with Danish/Japanese duo INODA+SVEJE, Sendai embodies the traditional aesthetics and art of wood-sanding, typical of the designers’ countries of origin and Minotti’s decades of experience in crafting upholstered furniture.

Elegant and Enveloping

The elegant, polished legs are reminiscent of the namesake slender trunks, available in Canaletto walnut stained Light Brown, or Liquorice lacquered ash. Resting on the ground, they lift the cosily enveloping upholstered body to create a soft rhythm of vertical lines.

Compact and well-proportioned, the silhouette of the Sendai Armchair will sit comfortably in any living space, creating an intimate way of opening up visual and proportional horizons.

The Sendai Armchair is also available in a 360° swivel version with return, making the Sendai seats particularly comfortable for both residential and hospitality environments.

FAQ About the
Which finishes are available?-

A wide range of fabric and leather coverings can be chosen from.

The legs are available in two options:

  • Canaletto walnut solid wood stained Light Brown
  • Liquorice lacquered ash

The swivel base is available in the following options:

  • Polished Bronze-coloured varnished metal, with sheathed spokes in solid ash with an open-pore Liquorice-coloured lacquer
  • Polished Bronze-coloured varnished metal, with sheathed spokes in Solid Canaletto walnut with Light Brown stain
Who designed the Sendai Armchair?-

The Minotti Sendai Armchair is designed by INODA+SVEJE, a Scandinavian/Japanese design duo whose work is characterised by a harmonious approach and incredible attention to shapes and proportions. Taking inspiration from the world of nature, this is expressed in the sophisticated details of their projects and in the soft lines and precise joints of cabinet making.

Where can I buy a Sendai Armchair?-

The Sendai Armchair is only available through official Minotti retailers, such as Minotti London. You can order a Sendai Armchair directly from us.

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