Russell- Rodolfo Dordoni design Ring - Nendo design

Faithful to his design philosophy, which often challenges the rules of geometry, Nendo has conceived Ring, a family of five tables that play with contrasts between straight lines and curves. The design of the light metal structure, defined by orthogonal lines, is interrupted by large rings, placed in different positions. In addition to breaking the geometric regularity of the silhouette, the circles, depending on the size of the table, become connecting or supporting elements. The eye is attracted to the emptiness at the centre of the rings, with an effect of space and lightness. The metal frame, available in Light Bronze, Copper or Black-Nickel, comes in different heights. The Ring tables are completed by an oval or circular top, with various diameters, which are customisable in bronzed glass, Calacatta marble or Licorice brushed ash.


Technical Details


Brass rods, 16 mm Ø, welded to each other, with one of these finishes: varnished polished light Bronze; polished Copper; polished Black-Nickel. Adjustable brass feet with the same finish as the base. Protective ABS glides.

Top finishes

– bronze glass, 10 mm; – Calacatta marble, 18 mm, contoured; – MDF, 18 mm, beveled, ash veneer with open-pore lacquer finish in Licorice colour; – MDF, 18 mm, beveled, ash veneer prefinished with open-pore lacquer in Dove Grey colour.

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