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The Minotti Patio is a modular outdoor seating system designed by the Italian-Danish duo GamFratesi. This highly versatile seating family offers a myriad of sofas in different measurements, configurations and styles, including central and end units, armchairs, loveseats, double daybeds and more. The vibrant outdoor settings, with their broad spectrum of views, have influenced the design process and concept for Patio, encouraging an unexpected blend of aluminium, wood, stone and cord into a dynamic mosaic. The Patio seating system offers a rich variety of sofas in different measurements and configurations, in addition to central and end units, armchairs, loveseat, and double daybeds

The Minotti Patio Seating System combines the best of Italian craftsmanship and modern design, creating a distinctive assortment of seating options that is both classical and unconventional.

This modular outdoor seating system is conceived as a dynamic mosaic made of simple geometric shapes that can be pieced together as desired to suit the available space, aesthetic and mood.

The wide selection of sofas in different sizes, including end and central units, armchairs, loveseats and double daybeds, is the focal point of the Minotti Patio Seating System.

In addition, the collection offers a variety of furniture accessories, including coffee tables with tops made of brushed fine-grain Basaltina stone, benches and square and rectangular ottomans with extruded aluminium bases.

The Minotti Patio Sofa

The Minotti Patio Sofa juxtaposes aluminium, wood, stone and cord in a surprising combination, offering an eclectic blend of materials inspired by outdoor settings.

Each Minotti Patio sofa features a masterful combination of an extruded aluminium base with a matt finish in shades of Ecru and Dark Brown and steel backrests covered in a woven polypropylene cord in the same shades.

In addition, all the sofas from the Patio seating family share feet and back joints in die-cast aluminium varnished with a polished, anti-touch Bronze, which gives an added touch of refinement.

FAQ About the
Who designed the Minotti Patio?-

The Minotti Patio Seating System was designed by the Italian-Danish studio GamFratesi in collaboration with Minotti. The design of the pieces from this collection was inspired by the variety of outdoor settings, encouraging a unique combination of materials: aluminium, wood, stone and cord.

Where can I buy any of the Minotti Patio seating pieces?-

The Minotti Patio Seating System is only available through official Minotti retailers, such as Minotti London. You can buy the Minotti Patio seating pieces directly from us.

How much do the pieces from the Minotti Patio seating family cost?-

The price of any Minotti furniture piece is not publicly available, as it depends on several factors. Contact us today to get a detailed price breakdown.

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