GamFratesi design

Designed by the Italian-Danish duo GamFratesi, the Minotti Patio Teak is an outdoor seating system combining a wooden supporting structure with elegant bronze-coloured aluminium feet. The slender yet solid platform is made of wood that is smooth to the touch and resistant to atmospheric agents.

The idea of contemporary comfort inspires the new Patio Teak – the essential elements of life in a calm setting. Its functional yet cosy design allows it to create a space for conversation, relaxation and vis-à-vis areas for every taste by interspersing seating with coffee tables, ottomans and benches.

Patio Teak embodies refined design with clean lines and minimalistic forms. It combines simplicity and modernity and is the perfect addition to any garden or home rooftop. Its minimalist yet unique design is an ideal solution for more demanding metropolitan terraces and ample outdoor spaces.

The Minotti Patio Teak Characteristics

The Minotti Patio Teak seating system is a compositional mosaic of individual elements with a decisive style and suspended aerial feet that add a touch of visual lightness. It is a modular system of components that can be combined according to one’s taste.

All the elements feature feet and backrest joints in die-cast aluminium with an anti-touch bronze colour finish, perfect for adapting to the wooden and aluminium bases. In its choice of materials, Patio Teak combines a wooden frame with a backrest made from Ecru polypropylene rope.

A perfect blend of style and comfort, Patio Teak features a backrest that wraps around the piece without acting as a barrier, thanks to its woven design. This creates a natural aesthetic that pairs well with other furnishing pieces in the outdoor collection and lends this piece an air of sumptuousness.

FAQ About the
Is the Patio Teak seating system suitable for outdoor spaces?-

Patio Teak has been designed with functionality and comfort in mind. Thanks to its minimalist yet versatile design, Patio Teak can be adapted to multiple environments and contexts, meeting all aesthetic and formal requirements.

Where can I buy the Patio Teak seating system by Minotti?-

Patio Teak is only available through official Minotti retailers, such as Minotti London. You can buy your Patio Teak seating system directly from us.

How much does Patio Teak cost?-

The price of any Minotti furniture piece is not publicly available, as it depends on many factors. Contact us today to get a detailed price breakdown.

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