Klee Armchair

Klee Armchair

Klee Armchair

Rodolfo Dordoni design

Pure, minimal design speaks volumes in this armchair with boldly-defined dimensions; it rests on a rigid, solid iron frame crafted using artisan techniques.

The Klee armchairs are at home in private residences and hospitality applications, like reception areas, lounges, halls and galleries.


Technical Details


In solid wood.

Structure preparation

High resilience polyurethane foam of various densities. First lining made from self-binding fibre bound to white cotton cloth.


In hand-worked metal; finish in transparent gloss varnish.


Elastic straps with a high rubber content.


Seat cushions made from goose down divided into sections, with high resilience polyurethane insets; additional lining made from fibre ther- mally bound to white acrylic velour.


Fabric, leather and Alcantara®.


Fully removable in the fabric version, non-removable in the leather version.

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