Marcio Kogan / studio mk27 design

The Horizonte modular seating system by Marcio Kogan / studio mk27 takes form from a suspended base to present a floating island of square lines, marking the horizon of the living space.

The Horizonte modular seating system by Marcio Kogan / studio mk27 takes form from a suspended base to present a floating island of square lines, marking the horizon of the living space.

The minimalist base comprises a solid thin line, clad in leather, fabric or both, on which generous padded elements rest. In line with Marcio Kogan’s design philosophy, the Horizonte sofa system is undoubtedly the result of clear architectural vision.

The rigorous shape, raised seven centimetres from the ground on a recessed plinth of matt black varnished metal, creates a sense of suspension. The upholstered elements — seats, backrests and armrests — are presented as large cushions of bold proportions and strong personality.

The Horizonte sofa modules are characterised by these architectural dimensions, maintaining a precise, formal aesthetic that belies the unparalleled softness and welcoming, cushioned effect.

The Minotti Horizonte Sofa Brings Comfort Without Compromise

Comfort is guaranteed by innovative technology using pocketed springs inserted in variable-density polyurethanes. This allows the memory of the shapes to be maintained, and the seat to return to its original form, whilst still modelling itself to one’s shape. This ensures comfort without compromising the integrity of the Horizonte’s architectural form.

The upholstered volumes rest on a base made from an ingenious combination of materials: either entirely in leather or fabric, or in an original mix of both to create an even more sophisticated and distinguished look.

The fabric version showcases two strips coupled with a zip, concealed by a creased seam.This aesthetic motif allows for quick removal of the covering. In the entirely leather base the covering is lapped: inspired by the world of haute couture, this refined production technique means that the strips of leather are sewn together by folding back the edges.

Deceptively simple in appearance, Horizonte bestows a sophisticated style that can be adapted into a wide range of configurations. Modules, sloping elements and built-in coffee tables can be combined in an overall narrative that could continue forever uninterrupted.

The base under some upholstered elements juts out from the seat cushion to accommodate a shelf, available in different sizes and configurations. Like a pause mid sentence, this module punctuates between the seats but does not interrupt the fluidity of the arrangement.

The Horizonte Family

The Horizonte family also includes coffee and side tables. The latter is designed to fit seamlessly with the seating system in perfect aesthetic continuity. The side table shares the same matt black varnished metal base and thickness of the top as the seating.

The coffee and side tables also reflect the style of the seating system with floor support  in polished Bronze varnished metal and tops in Dark Brown stained Canaletto walnut or Liquorice coloured ash. The different sizes and heights of the tables allow for a mix and match of superimpositions that animates the horizontality of the seating system.

FAQ About the
Which finishes are available?-

A wide range of fabric and leather coverings can be chosen from. The shelf module, adding a multifunctional top to the seating system, is available in the following finishes:

  • Dark Brown stained Canaletto walnut
  • Liquorice lacquered ash
  • Calcatta and Grigio Orobico marble
  • Matt polished Nero Marquina and brushed Belvedere granite
Who designed the Horizonte Sofa?-

The Horizonte sofa was designed by Marcio Kogan / studio mk27 in collaboration with Minotti. Kogan’s influence is apparent in the architectural dimensions, pure volumes and simple shapes of the Horizonte design.

How can I order a Horizonte Sofa by Minotti?-

The Horizonte Sofa is only available through official Minotti retailers, such as Minotti London. You can order a Horizonte Sofa directly from us.

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