Granville Sofa - Christophe Delcourt design

A result of the careful research on the free-form, the Granville seating system focuses on an interplay of curves and of marked and light strokes. The modules, which vary in shape and size, interact with each other, while the armrests and backrests design relaxing areas suggesting different ways of seating. Granville is available both in the traditional sofa option and as a more flexible solution of detached islands. Joinable together, the various elements come without fixed backs and armrests and are characterized by the original curved shape of the removable armrest. Developed not as a simple formal exercise, but as an opportunity to reflect on the sofa as a space to be lived and shared, Granville is the expression of a young and contemporary spirit. The thickness of the back, together with the addition of a chaise-longue element and the detachable armrests are an invitation to live it in different ways, depending on the number of guests, their needs, or the time of the day. A system that offers a new concept of comfort and that redesigns the living room landscape.






Technical Details


In plywood with suspension provided by high-rubber-content elastic webbing. The seat structure is coated in high resilience, variable density polyurethane foam with a concave contour to accommodate the cushion, maximizing softness and durability. Armrests and seat backs are made of metal coated in flame-resistant polyurethane foam, an additional casing in breathable heat-bonded fiber laminated to white, hypoallergenic cotton fabric lends added softness.


Channeled goose down padding in the backrest and seat cushions (Assopiuma certified, gold label) with high resilience, variable density polyurethane foam core insert


All of the backrest cushions have perimeter trim in eco-leather. The company reserves the right to choose the colour of the eco-leather trim, matching it with the upholstery fabric or leather chosen for the piece.


Seat cushions, backrest cushions and structure covers are completely removable in all versions (fabric and leather).


Cast aluminum, varnished polished Pewter colour with anti-fingerprint finish. Black protective SEBS glides. To facilitate transport and the removal of covers, the armrests and backrest can be removed from the base through a quick set and release coupling system.

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