Freeman ‘Tailor’

Freeman ‘Tailor’

Freeman 'Duvet' - Rudolfo Dordoni design

With its highly innovative personality, Freeman “Tailor” interprets the current widespread need to create dynamic, differently accessorized islands of relaxation in which to live more intimately – like for reading and chilling out completely, or more social moments like conversing or spending time with family and friends. Freeman “Tailor” is an orderly clustering of shapes, with one-piece seats decorated with elegant stitching that accentuates its graphic, modern personality. The sophisticated tailoring of the upholstery reveals the company’s expertise in executing extremely complex fine-tailoring techniques. The pieces in fabric are assembled using a strip of eco-leather and double-stitched motif that lend a unique sense of depth. Freeman “Tailor” displays a bold personality and a cheerful spirit sufficient to carry the starring role or to co-star when paired with Freeman “Duvet” elements.



Technical Details


In plywood with suspension provided by high-rubber-content elastic webbing. The seat structure is made of several layers of variable-density, high resilience polyurethane foam. The upper layer is made of single highelastic- content contoured straps which, combined with the lower layer, guarantee enhanced softness over time. “Wing” and “Mix” have an armrest and/or backrest made of a metal frame coated in fireproof polyurethane foam. The entire structure has a breathable heat-bonded quilted fiber casing laminated to a white hypoallergenic cotton fabric which lends softness. A special assembly was used for the structure covering (backrest and armrests). The various parts in fabric were joined by using a bronze-colored strip of eco-leather with double-stitched detail.


Extruded aluminum frame with cast aluminum joint fittings (both an exclusive design by Minotti Studio), with a glossy anti-fingerprint Light Bronze painted finish. The metal feet also have a glossy Light Bronze painted finish. Protective bronze-painted SEBS glide (soft scratchproof rubber).


To facilitate transport and removal of covers, the armrests and backrest can be removed from the base by means of a quick coupling and uncoupling system.


Channeled goose down padding for the backrest cushions (Assopiuma certified, gold label) with Memory Foam core insert (temperaturesensitive material).


Channeled goose down padding for the backrest cushions (Assopiuma certified, gold label) with Memory Foam core insert (temperaturesensitive material).

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