Fil Noir

Fil Noir

Fil Noir - Christophe Delcourt design

The Fil Noir chairs take their name from thread – an unmistakable sign of continuity. The thread, or tube, that actually makes up the body and substance of the chair – not only outlines its silhouette, but also supports and envelops it. A thread that expresses a core decision in the choice of material. Metal tubing painted matt black. A choice of absolute austerity that is softened by the rings with polished Gold, Light Bronze or Black-Nickel finish that set off the corners of the chair, adding a note of decorative contrast to the stark formality of the structure. How to harmoniously blend form and function is the quest that led to the creation of a backrest with an enveloping shape and a comfortable seat, both with metal structure encased in polyurethane foam. The internal cushion has a structure in flexible thermoformed material and polyurethane foam that lends added comfort to the backrest. Such painstaking construction details confirm the high degree of tailoring know-how achieved by the company over time and strengthen the perception of a product known for its high level of craftsmanship.


Technical Details


Metal tube, 20 mm Ø with painted matt Black finish and decorative details with polished Gold, Light Bronze or Black-Nickel finish. Backrest and seat in metal with high natural rubber content elastic strap webbing encased in fire-resistant polyurethane foam and additional temperature-sensitive (Memory Foam) insert in the seat back. The removable interior backrest in metal is coated in very soft, fireresistant polyurethane foam. Backrest and seat internal cover in breathable heat-bonded fire-resistant fiber.


Fabric covers are completely removable by removing the metal structure. Leather upholstery is not removable. Protective felt glides.


Channeled goose down seat cushion padding (certified Assopiuma, Gold Label) with structural support insert.

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