Dibbets ‘Ipanema’

Dibbets ‘Ipanema’

Dibbets 'Ipanema'- Rodolfo Dordoni design

With a macro pattern reminiscent of the wave sign of Roberto Burle Marx’s famous walk on the beach of Ipanema, the Dibbets carpet recalls the soft lines typical of the Sixties. An aesthetic reference that is accentuated by the slight roundness of the four corners. Crafted with shiny and opaque yarns, in two neutral shades, it is revived by a game of shadows created by the different incidence of light on the surface. It is available in three colours – Ecru, Grey and Silver – and is handcrafted using a Tufting manual method, also custom-made, in multiple dimensions of 50 cm.


Technical Details

Rug composed of 70% linen and 30% Lyocell (cellulose-based fiber), hand-tufted artisan workmanship. The 16 mm surface profile is made of linen (of European origin) with muted highlights and velour finish. The rug has colour fields on opposite corners, in tip-sheared Lyocell viscose with glossy, shimmering highlights. The backing is made of polyester, while the lining material is treated with hypoallergenic prevulcanized natural latex. Overall weight 6.5 kg/m². The rug can be made in custom sizes (multiples of 50 cm). The rug is available in the following colour combinations: Ecru: Matt Ecru, White 1501; Silver: Matt Silver, White 1501; Grey: Matt Grey, Iron 1509.


Because it is handcrafted, the overall size of the rug can vary by approximately 3 cm, even on custom-sized rugs.

Custom Rugs

For custom rugs, the client is asked to provide a design of the rug in DWG format, including detailed dimensions. The file will be reviewed by the Technical Office, which reserves the right to approve or ask that modifications be made to the rug design before entering the production phase.

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