Dibbets “Diagonal”

Dibbets “Diagonal”

Dibbets “Diagonal”

Rodolfo Dordoni design

The abstractionism movement in art inspired the concept of the Dibbets “Diagonal” rugs. Geometric backgrounds in contrasting or tone-on-tone colors intersect to create stunning designs. 

The Dibbets “Diagonal” rugs are made of Lyocell, a cellulose-based fiber, and are produced using artisanal, hand-tufting methods.


Technical Details

Rug made from 100% Lyocell® (a cellulose fibre), hand-crafted according to the manual tufting method. The 16 mm surface profile is made of tip-sheared Lyocell® viscose that reflects glossy, shimmering highlights and features geometric background shapes in contrasting or tone-on-tone colors that intersect, creating stunning designs. The upper layer is made of polyester; whereas the lower layer is treated with natural, prevulcanized, antiallergenic latex. Overall weight: 6.5 kg/square metre. The rug can be made to measure (multiples of 50 cm). Rug is available in these colors: Mustard, Forest Green, Stone and Black. N.B.: because it is handcrafted, the overall size of the rug can vary by approximately 3 cm, even on customsized rugs.

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