Creed ‘Semi-round’

Creed ‘Semi-round’

Creed 'Semi-Round Lounge Sofa' - Rudolfo Dordoni design

Technical Details


In metal coated in fireproof polyurethane foam. Backrest and seat are foamed separately and use polyurethane of different densities for enhanced comfort and softness in the seating area. Backrest of the semi-curved sofa is in structural polyurethane (BAYDUR® 60), coated in flexible fireproof polyurethane foam. Seat suspension provided by high- rubber-content elastic webbing. Backrest and seat casing in breathable heat-bonded fireproof fiber.


Optional cushions in channeled goose down padding (Assopiuma certified, Gold Label).


Fabric or leather covers can be removed by removing the metal frame.


Solid Sucupira front legs with stained Mink finish and with upper and lower metal plates in light Bronze painted finish. Back supports in press- formed metal with a glossy light Bronze painted finish. Protective bronze-painted SEBS glide (soft scratchproof rubber).

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