Cortina Armchair

Cortina Armchair

Cortina Armchair

Very elegant, compact, ultra comfortable armchair with sophisticated construction and finishing details. The Cortina armchair has become an icon of the Minotti style.

Its lightweight metal structure, which seems to defy the force of gravity, makes for a considerably more versatile use, in a variety of combinations with all the sofas from the Minotti collection.


Technical Details


Made from tubular metal Ø 30 mm and mesh Ø 4 mm, bright chro- me-plated or matt black lacquered with epoxy powder and baked (200 °C).

Structure preparation

Padded with high resilience polyurethane foam mat which fully envelops the armchair interior. Base: with protective nylon glides.


With protective nylon glides.


Unremovable cover.

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