Minotti 2024 Collection


The 2024 Collection comes to life in the wake of the masters of mid-century modernity: a synergetic blend of aesthetics and functionality that embodies the fusion of creative flair and tangible rationality, transcending the conventional boundaries of design and opening up to an even sculptural and architectural decorativism.

Just like a symphony of voices, carefully orchestrated by the Minotti family, the collection expresses itself through a harmonious mix of elements and references to different periods and cultures, bringing together in a single language of stylistic coherence the visions of designers from all over the world, such as Marcio Kogan / Studio MK27, Nendo, GamFratesi, Inoda+Sveje, Hannes Peer and Giampiero Tagliaferri.

Interpreting the never-ending evolution of design, the collection is a dance-like dialogue between form and function, where each creation is a tribute to the encounter between stylistic memory and dynamic innovation. Moving to the notes of the 1970s, the volumes, materials and colours rediscover the vibrancy and spirit of that time in an original contemporary key. With couture-inspired accents, every detail follows a precise choreography, giving rhythm and three-dimensionality, and it is an invitation to explore the genesis of each furnishing piece, which reveals the brand’s unique savoir-faire.

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