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6 Ways to Style a Navy Sofa in a Living Room

Navy sofas are decadent, cosy and inviting pieces of furniture that will make a statement in practically any living room. Although the deep blue may seem bold, it can be employed as a neutral colour to anchor the room.

Mixing and matching colours with navy can also create classic and dramatic settings. For example, rich and deep hues pair well with vibrant and bright colours, monochrome schemes and other neutral tones, such as grey and taupe. 

In this guide, we discuss more design ideas for styling a navy blue sofa in a living room.

Navy Sofa Living Room Ideas

minotti freeman sofa navy blueThis Freeman Sofa has been placed alongside a a range of pieces featuring different colours and patterns, making for a truly unique curation | Designed by Rodolfo Dordoni for © Minotti London

Classical, adaptable and on-trend, a navy sofa will anchor a living room’s colour scheme without overwhelming the decor. With such a versatile colour, a navy sofa will work well in almost any setting, from period properties with tall ceilings and ornate features to minimalist modern spaces and cosy snugs. 

By design, navy sofas introduce cool undertones to a living room, while remaining neutral enough to embrace the inevitable changes of a room’s decor that will take place over time. 

From ashy to vibrant, navy can have different undertones such as green, black and grey, which means that complementary colours will depend on the precise shade of a navy sofa.

6 Ways to Style a Navy Sofa 

Bold or serene, classic or contemporary, a navy sofa can fit seamlessly into a wide variety of design schemes. From accessorising with cushions and throws to carefully choosing the colours of floors and walls, there are a number of elements to consider when decorating around a navy blue sofa. 

1. Choose Metallic Accents

A glint of warm metal will highlight a rich, navy sofa, especially one with velvet upholstery. Since metals are considered neutral, they can be worked into any colour scheme and are perfect for decorating around a navy blue sofa. Gold, brass and copper may also feature in Art Deco side tables, an opulent chandelier, vases and cushions.

Metals can add a contemporary or industrial design element, whereas antique pieces with a bit of patina will achieve a more worldly effect. One may choose to combine different shades and finishes of a certain metal in order to create an intentionally collected feel.

Meanwhile, anchoring the scheme with neutral floors and walls will create a vibrant, sophisticated palette that won’t clash with other elements of the room. Howeve, leaving the walls white will allow a navy sofa to truly stand out and sing.

2. Pair With Bold Colours

Although orange and blue are contrasting colours, they work incredibly well together to bring a warm and vibrant lift to a room. One might consider pairing a navy sofa with a bold, tangerine footstool, or a scattering of orange cushions. However, it’s important to balance orange accents with other shades of blue, grey, black and white.

Alternatively, yellow and blue complement each other and placing bright, bold yellow or mustard accessories on a navy sofa will make both colours pop with vibrancy.

While a dark navy sofa provides a chic ‘neutral’ to ground a bold colour; other colours that might work include red, baby pink, fuchsia or jewel-toned emerald. Be careful not to introduce too many accents, as this can make what is meant to be a relaxing space, feel overly busy and chaotic. 

3. Combine Blue Hues

blue navy sofa living room ideasBlue has been used in excess in styling this Freeman Sofa, but the when paired with the other accents of the room, it works to create a unified look for the seating area | Designed by Rodolfo Dordoni for © Minotti London

To avoid the navy sofa overpowering the living room, one may consider using the same blue hue, or a slightly different tone, for the primary wall colour. It’s a bold choice, but this technique can create a deeply cosy and cocooning feel when paired with the right lighting. 

A navy living room evokes a sense of decadence and heritage, which can create a welcoming interior when paired with hardwoods. Furthermore, adding white picture rails will really showcase the strength of the navy.

Punctuating the intense colour with bright cushions and artwork will create a sophisticated mood and help elevate the accent pieces. For something more relaxed, consider offsetting the richness of the navy with grey accents.

4. Take Worldwide Inspiration

Combining an elegant navy sofa with the warm tones of umber, sand and terracotta can evoke the feeling of a well-travelled household. Wherare furnishings in rich hardwoods such as walnut or cherry will lend a colonial feel, complimented by hand-woven rugs and artisanal ceramics acquired overseas.

Not only does this make the room vibrant and interesting, but it will create a sense of adventure. One might consider decorating the room with trinkets and furnishings from abroad to ensure the room is unique and full of talking points.

5. Cultivate a Classic Look

Blue and white doesn’t have to mean a nautical theme, as an ink-deep navy velvet sofa against a bright white backdrop is crisp and classic curation for such colours. The navy focal point grounds a white living room, creating visual interest that draws the eye.

By bringing additional texture and patterns to this classically styled living space, such as black and white tiled flooring and sumptuous throws, one can prevent the look from appearing one dimensional.

Incorporate an air of vintage elegance to the classic scheme with gold-framed mirrors, Tiffany glass lamps and strategically stacked vintage books on side tables and shelving. Accenting the sumptuous navy with rich tan leather accessories is a classic design combination, evocative of bygone eras. 

6. Consider the Curtains

Tying in soft furnishings with a navy sofa is key for a harmonious living room scheme. Often a sofa is placed in front of a window, which means the curtains provide a backdrop for the seating area.

As such, the window dressing can be used to complement or contrast the navy. For example, white or cream curtains will make the sofa stand out as the focal point of the room and give a clean, crisp look.

Alternatively, blue curtains may also work, although if they are too similar in shade, the room may feel monotonous. Instead, consider opting for a different tone of blue to the sofa, so there is more of a contrast, or be brave and team orange and blue together for a really vibrant scheme.

Decorating Around a Navy Blue Sofa

Whether the perfect style and fabric for the sofa is chosen and the living room dressed to suit, or the sofa is ordered to suit the existing decor, there are many ways to style a navy sofa. Accessorising, choosing different materials, wall colours, floor finishes and design themes can all enhance and complement the sofa. 

To summarise, here are six ways to style a navy sofa:

  • Choose Metallic Accents
  • Contrast with Bold Colours
  • Combine Blue Hues
  • Take Worldwide Inspiration
  • Cultivate a Classic Look
  • Compliment with Curtains

Classic and chic, navy is a versatile and neutral tone that can grab attention or be demure. A carefully considered design concept will enrich the living room and set the desired tone for the space.

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