Discover Minotti’s Exclusive 2022 Collection - post image background.

Discover Minotti’s Exclusive 2022 Collection

The 60th edition of Salone del Mobile in Milan this June provided the perfect showcase for Minotti’s 2022 Collection.

This ‘Mecca’ of design attracts thousands of designers and architects from around the world to experience new, innovative products from leading luxury brands, Minotti’s 2022 Collection emphasizes its ability to push itself and explore new creative horizons incorporating shapes, images, and cultural references from around the world.

The collection heralds a new, important stage in the inspirational pathway of Minotti, underlying how the design and aesthetic work, developed by the brand in collaboration with its designers, is always evolving while following a path consistent with its identity.

Coordinated by Rodolfo Dordoni with Minotti Studio, the protagonists of the new collection take their cue from different design cultures. From the most refined cabinet-making to upholstering, crafted with extraordinary expertise and exquisitely sophisticated tailoring, all invigorated by brand new color nuances.

Minotti 2022 Collection | Overview

Conceived as a collaborative project between Minotti and five international designers, the 2022 collection effectively portrays the encounter between Minotti’s manufacturing identity and the unique design footprints of the designers.

The style and design references of the 2022 Collection are lulled in a sophisticated balance between the 1970s and the bond of Japanese culture with Scandinavian taste. This emphasizes Minotti’s ability to push itself and explore new creative horizons using forms and cultural references from around the world.

The 2022 Collection is animated by these inspirations, along with Minotti’s skill and creativity, combining manufacturing expertise with research and the most advanced technologies in terms of comfort, ergonomics, and durable materials.

The great expertise in woodworking that has always been characteristic of Nordic and Japanese craftsmanship meets the historical know-how of a truly ‘Made in Italy’ company that has long been an expert in exquisite upholstered furniture.

2022 Indoor Collection

Minotti Lars Sofa from the 2022 Collection

The Japanese-inspired Lars sofa features a soft, asymmetrical, continuous, and organic curve | Designed by Inoda+Sveje for © Minotti

The 2022 Indoor Collection comprises Goodman and Twiggy by Rodolfo Dordoni, Horizonte by Marcio Kogan of studio mk27 and Yoko, Lars, and Sendai, the three designs by Inoda+Sveje which bring to life a renewed, light, and refined Nordic Japanisme.

There are also updates to Lido by GramFratesi and Daiki by Marcio Kogan/studio mk27, plus a selection of tables by Rodolfo Dordoni and Marcio Korgan/studio mk27. Armchairs, benches, ottomans, and small sofas with modest proportions and impeccably crafted details sit alongside one-piece seating systems and sculptural coffee tables.

The 2022 Indoor Collection explores cultural references from Italy (Rodolfo Dordoni), Brazil (Marcio Kogan/studio mk27), Denmark (GramFratesi), and this year, the combination of Japan and Denmark (Inoda+Sveje).

Minotti revives the peculiarities of each of these various cultures, translating them into a contemporary taste, capable of dialoguing with the proportions and spatial visions of the Mid Century that have always been a source of inspiration for Minotti.

Fabrics, rugs, furnishing accessories, padded elements, and structural details in colors inspired by the shades of nature enhance and distinguish the furnishing pieces, giving them a personality that is unexpectedly contemporary yet deeply rooted in the company’s history and crafting expertise.

2022 Outdoor Collection

Minotti Belt Cord Outdoor Sofa - Now available

Minotti has welcomed a range of new outdoor furniture as part of its 2022 collection, including the Belt Cord Outdoor Sofa | Designed by Rodolfo Dordoni for © Minotti

While the Indoor Collection is an extension of Minotti’s already large retinue of products, the Outdoor Collection is a step further in the evolutionary declamation of the company, transferring the strong themes and aesthetics associated with Minotti to the outdoors.

The Outdoor Collection comprises GamFratesi’s Patio Teak and Lido Cord Outdoor sofas, Inoda+Sveje’s Yoko Cord Outdoor chairs, Rodolfo Dordoni’s Belt Cord Outdoor chairs and Stony & Cesar Outdoor tables, and Gordon Guillaumier’s Bellagio Outdoor table.

Stylistic and technological developments in the outdoor pieces distinguish the new features of the 2022 Collection: solid woods worked to become structural, lightened metals, and fabrics with refined textures to give eclecticism and character.

The variety of the pieces offers a choice between the elegant and delicate tactile sensation of wood and the innovative technology of metal, allowing one to furnish an outdoor space in a way that is consistent with the style of the interior.

The color palette of the 2022 Outdoor Textile Collection recalls the warm tones of the earth, the neutrals of sand, and brighter, more vibrant colors also linked to nature. Elegant and welcoming pieces are designed for both large gardens and small terraces, whether for moments of relaxation or lively conviviality, interpreting different needs and new ways of experiencing the outdoors.

Minotti 2022 Collection | Feature Pieces

The key protagonists of the 2022 Indoor Collection include the Horizonte seating system by Marcio Kogan / studio mk27, the Goodman and Twiggy systems designed by Rodolfo Dordoni, and the Yoko armchair by Inoda+Sveje.

From the Outdoor Collection, the Patio Teak by GamFratesi is a standout newcomer, evolving and amplifying the language of the indoor collection. Below we take a closer look at some of these hero pieces for 2022:

Yoko Armchair


Despite their diversity, Japanese and Scandinavian cultures share a love for simplicity, craftsmanship, and natural elements, a language that Minotti flawlessly translates in its inexhaustible pursuit of beauty and excellent workmanship.

This ineffable bond between the Orient and Scandinavia is the root of this design created by the Japanese-Danish duo Inoda+Sveje, two worlds so far apart and yet so closely connected. Yoko is the harmonious union of technology, elegance, and comfort.

Well-balanced, sophisticated Japanese stylistic influences and the modern natural flair of Nordic design meet in a beautiful symbiosis that creates a rich, harmonious atmosphere.

The Yoko armchair borrows from the traditional aesthetics and art of wood-sanding, with modest proportions and refined, impeccably crafted details. Scandinavian simplicity shines through, a style that has now become unmistakable throughout the world, having spread beyond the borders of Japan in the mid-nineteenth century.

The Yoko armchair is a light and elegant seating design, with continuous cross-reference between the two cultures characterized by a dual lightness, both in the physical and aesthetic.

Delicate and sinuous lines are created with precious interlocking techniques that enrich the structure of legs and armrests in sold ash open-pore wood lacquered with a Liquorice color, or in solid Canaletto walnut stained Light Brown, a chromatic choice that lends a more decisive tone to the elegance of the silhouette.

Goodman Sofa

New Minotti Goodman Sofa from the Minotti 2022 Collection

The stylish and versatile Goodman Sofa sports a 70’s chic and has a range of supporting components, making it possible to create a truly bespoke seating system | Designed by Rodolfo Dordoni for © Minotti

This new modular seating system designed by Rodolfo Dordoni has a clear 1970s imprint, showcasing the graphic character of the decade, the ability to stratify and cross marks, reducing the complexity into a few distinctive features.

Suspended from the floor on refined Bronze or Polished Chrome metal feet set back from the edge, and a perimeter frame that matches the same finishes, the optical effect of suspension in Goodman enhances the softness of the seat.

The mark of the matelassé stitching, typical of Minotti’s tailoring processes, draws shadows and light on the seat, creating the sensation of a quilted cross-padding. Innovative technology is used in the seat, with a system of pocket springs combined with a layer of polyurethane padding in layered densities to give a consistent sensation of softness and coziness.

Goodman showcases both compactness and softness in the same concept, making it suitable for more formal use but also for complete relaxation. It can sit within the most traditional of configurations to the more dynamic ones made possible with a series of individual components that will animate the living space: end units, corner units, central units, and chaise-longues. Each element can be joined with others to define its creator’s own home environment.

The unusual accessory consisting of a contoured tray covered in saddle hide perfectly clings to the volume of the armrest just like a saddle, making the Goodman seating system fully versatile, since the cushioning can be turned into a  functional coffee table always at hand.

Horizonte sofa

New Minotti 2022 Collection - Horizonte Sofa

The Horizonte modular sofa comes with a range of components, such as a built-in coffee table, and sits 7cm above the ground, giving its aesthetic a certain weightlessness | Designed by Marcio Kogan / studio mk27 for © Minotti

The Horizonte modular seating system by Marcio Kogan / studio mk27 is the result of a clear architectural vision, consistent with Marcio’s design philosophy: a rigorous shape, raised seven centimeters off the ground thanks to a recessed plinth in matt black varnished metal, giving the sofa a special feeling of suspension, and a platform on which the boldly proportioned upholstered elements are located.

The Horizonte sofa takes shape from a suspended base, a solid thin line covered in leather or fabric (or both), on which generous volumetric padded elements rest to create a floating island with square lines that marks the horizon of the living space.

It is not only the dimensions that characterize Horizonte, but also the unprecedented softness, capable of maintaining a precise formal aesthetic, despite their welcoming sinkable effect.

Comfort is guaranteed by the innovative technology using pocketed springs inserted in variable-density polyurethanes. This allows the memory of the shapes to be maintained and the seat to return to its original form, modeling itself to the shape of the user.

The seemingly simple appearance of Horizonte allows it to be used in a wide range of sophisticated configurations by combining modules, sloping elements, and others with a built-in coffee table.

Twiggy Collection

Picture of the Twiggy Collection - Part of the new 2022 Minotti Collection

Named as a nod to British 70’s pop culture, the Twiggy seating collection includes a range of sofas, armchairs, and seating elements that are as comfortable as they are stylish | Designed by Rodolfo Dordoni for © Minotti

From Minotti’s longest-standing collaborator, Rodolfo Dordoni, comes the Twiggy Collection. The name pays homage to 1970s Britain, and this new family of seating stands out for its ability to revolutionize living spaces with unprecedented and timeless beauty.

The Twiggy family of seating includes a single armchair in the small, large and deep versions, with or without armrests, embellished with stitching that reveals the depth of Minotti’s advanced manufacturing processes combined with the ability to make even the most sculptural designs extremely comfortable.

In addition to the armchair, the Twiggy family includes a bench, a couch, and a chaise longue, which can be used as elegant individual elements or to create a modular system.

Twiggy seating elements have rigorous geometric shapes, and are incredibly comfortable and enveloping, covered in leather, nubuck, or fabric and embellished with refined stitching.

The curved, dynamic base design is made of semi-glossy polished aluminum or aluminum with a Black Coffee color polished varnish and is another detail that contributes to making these seats unique and destined to redefine the concept of style.

Patio Teak

Patio Teak Outdoor Sofa by Minotti 2022

This wooden frame of the new Patio Teak outdoor sofa has been chosen to better compliment outdoor spaces while encouraging a lighter and more modern look | Designed by GamFratesi for ©Minotti

This outdoor seating system designed by Italian-Danish duo GamFratesi is a compositional mosaic. The juxtaposition of individual elements creates a decisive and strongly characteristic style, whilst still delicate and light thanks to suspended, aerial feet.

New in 2022 is the Teak version, an evolution of the family originally in aluminum. The warmth of wood combines with careful technological research in the wooden supporting structure.

The wooden frame was chosen to create a more natural aesthetic, easier to combine with other outdoor furnishing pieces. It enriches and multiplies the transversal nature of the system, which can be adapted to multiple environments and contexts, meeting all aesthetic and formal requirements.

Conversation, relaxation, and vis-à-vis areas can be created for every taste, interspersing the seating with coffee tables, ottomans, and benches. The Patio Teak system will meet the requirements of both small metropolitan terraces as well as extensive outdoor spaces.

All Patio Teak elements feature feet and backrest joints in die-cast aluminum with an anti-touch Bronze finish, perfect for adapting to both the wooden and aluminum bases. The backrest design remains the common thread of the collection: a vertical boundary wrapping around the piece without acting as a barrier, closing the design but offering a glimpse of beyond and drawing the horizon thanks to its iconic weave.

The 2022 Collection

Adding to the influences of Italy (Rodolfo Dordoni), France (Christophe Delcourt), Japan (Nendo), Brazil (Marcio Kogan / studio mk27), and Denmark (GamFratesi), this year Minotti’s journey continues by uniting two distant yet closely connected worlds: Japan and Denmark, the homelands of designer duo Inoda+Sveje and creators of the Yoko, Sendai and Lars pieces.

The 2022 Collection is animated by these inspirations, along with the brand’s know-how and creativity, combining manufacturing expertise with research and the most advanced technologies in terms of comfort, ergonomics, and durable materials.

In this article we’ve looked more closely at five of the hero pieces from the 2022 Collection:

  • Twiggy Collection
  • Yoko Armchair
  • Goodman Sofa
  • Horizonte Sofa
  • Patio Teak

With the ever-iconic Rodolfo Dordoni leading creative direction with these world-renowned design studios, Minotti continues to break away from the conventional, breaking pre-existing creative boundaries whilst retaining its elegant form.

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